Three Nature Poems



Thrilling painting in the sky
Too marvelous for words,
Pen can’t hold back, so here I go,
Rapturous… incandescent… my eyes are blurred.


If I could wish a wish
I think I’d know what it’d be,
To be a starling darting high in the air, soaring with many like me,
Aerial displays of feathered majesty.


A feather lying on the path
Has it from an angel fallen?
Remnant of a rendezvous
‘Twas an unseen watchful guardian.

– Poetry and painting by Jennifer O’Shea


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Jennifer O’Shea
Jennifer O’Shea lives in beautiful Minnesota, a place of changing beauty through which she is inspired to write and paint. Her poems reflect the observations between the synergy of her eternal spirit and the experiences she accumulates with nature and art.


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