When You Leave, You Believe


When you think of schools you don’t think there is paranormal activity, you may think of school as a positive experience, yes things happen, children get hurt on the playground, but do they stay or go back to the school when they die? It is believed that we do go back to where we were the happiest and to our happiest age when we were living.

Poasttown Elementary School was like any other school, the school opened in 1937 but wouldn’t get its dedication until a year later. Before a school was there were several train accidents a mile from where the school is today.

It wasn’t that long ago that I investigated Poasttown School in Ohio with my team, Professional Paranormal Investigations, or PPI as we say, we all had a great time and had some interesting experiences. The spirits didn’t wait for the investigation to begin, they wanted to be seen and to be heard right away.

As I was walking around taking photos on more than one occasion, I saw someone pass by a door and even when one of our investigators, Shawna and I were placing equipment she also saw someone walk down a hallway. All other investigators and even the owners were accounted for and not on the same level. Throughout the night we heard footsteps not just in the hallways but in the room we were in at the time. Some of the equipment we were using that night would light up when we asked questions. Some of the rooms were heavy at times and you could feel someone next to you although you knew there wasn’t a living person next to you. In the kitchen while I was taking photos my camera would shut off on it’s own but worked fine in the rest of the building and later in this same area a little girl screaming could be heard. Team members rushed out of the room they were in to see if someone was there and hurt only to find the kitchen empty.

Poasttown Elementary gym

Our group has investigated this location several times before and each time we always have some amazing experiences. You not only hear voices, conversations, music playing, smell smoke as if someone were smoking in the room you were in, but you also saw shadows, figures move down a hallway, pass doors, toys that start playing for no reason and many other things that you just can’t explain like a punching bag swinging back and forth on its own.

On one investigation there was a reporter with my husband, Steve, and I and as we were walking down a hallway to go downstairs, she and I both saw a little girl in a white dress. We could see right through her, and she was only there for a few moments before she disappeared. I have spoke about this little girl to others and they to have seen this spirit. Is this the spirit of Sara? The little girl who allegedly fell to her death from the third floor. Is it another little girl from the train wrecks that took place a mile from where the school sits today?

Throughout the year Darrell has adults who used to go to school come back to walk through the building some share their experiences, and they are great experiences, but it does make you wonder if there is anything else that keeps pulling them back to this location? Did they have experiences here as a child and trying to make sense of them? Do they hear the talk from others about seeing spirits or seeing the janitor who can be grumpy or like myself who has encounter several spirits who just want their story told?

Poasttown Elementary hallwayDarrell originally purchased the building with hopes of turning it into a haunted house where you could visit around October but found that he had to install a sprinkler system if that was to happen so was just going to make the best of the situation and make it their home, which they have done with a portion of the building but then others started to experience things and he knew he wanted answers so he opened it up for people to come in and investigate.

The owners Darrell and Brenda Whishman has had their own experiences at the school even before the investigations even started. They have heard footsteps and thought someone was in the building only to find they were alone to toys playing and batteries were not even in the toys.

Until Darrell experienced things himself he didn’t believe in the paranormal but as the title of this article suggests, “When You Leave, You Believe!”

If you are interested in having your own experience at Poasttown, go to poasttownschool.com and book your investigation today.


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Jenn Hodgson
Jenn is a psychic medium who has lived in Indiana her entire life. She began having experiences with spirits at the age of 7. In 2009 she and her husband Steve began doing paranormal investigations and quickly formed their own group with some of their closest friends. Jenn felt at home connecting and communicating with the spirit world. It wasn't long before she had others asking her to teach them to connect to the other side and to help them develop their gifts as a psychic medium. Jenn is also a healer, she is a reiki master/teacher, LaHoChi teacher, Crystal healer and much more. For more information about Jenn please visit jennhodgson.com


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