Build Immunity Now. Nothing is more important than your health.



Build Immunity Now.
Nothing is more important than your health.

For two years, the world has been ravaged by a pandemic that has caused rampant illness and economic uncertainty for the masses. Now, in the wake of this unprecedented crisis, the average person has become concerned with one question: How do I strengthen my immune system?

We answer that question by offering a quick and simple solution from Japan for immune-boosting power.

We are Club Sparkle—The Feel Great Company!

What is Club Sparkle?

Club Sparkle is an innovative lifestyle company offering unique wellness products combined with an unmatched Loyalty Program, allowing you to become healthier and wealthier. This inspiring platform has enabled thousands to experience a new world of health, wealth, fun, excitement, and adventure. We have united thousands of like-minded individuals to live the Sparkle Life – a Life with No Limits!

Our products are formulated in Japan and manufactured in the United States to rejuvenate, replenish, and restore your health and wellbeing. The core element in all of our products is ION5; an ionic mineral blend containing 72 energetic trace minerals. ION5, along with other Club Sparkle products, offers pure mineral nutrition and effectiveness that is unmatched anywhere else on the market.

Hidden Hunger

Our products address the global epidemic of mineral deficiency.

Both the World Health Organization and the United Nations have estimated that as many as 2,000,000,000 people suffer from hidden hunger. This problem isn’t exclusive to developing nations either. Even in America, we have traded healthy greens and organic mineral-rich foods for processed junk that is high in unnecessary sugar and unnatural substitutes.

When your body lacks bioavailable minerals for proper nutrition, it can suffer from oxidative stress and the resulting illnesses can be catastrophic. In fact, research indicates that most ailments, sicknesses, and diseases can be traced back to a mineral deficiency.

Natural, high-quality minerals are essential for healthy living, but the body cannot produce its own minerals. We must obtain them through food or supplementation.

Club Sparkle is making a difference

We are on a mission to eradicate hidden hunger by offering only the purest, most effective formulas available today.

Our minerals are sourced directly from the Great Salt Lake in their natural ionic form and are enhanced with our trademarked Energetics Technology. ION5 is micellized to penetrate the cell wall, allowing for easy absorption and delivery of nutrients where they are vitally needed, balancing your pH levels and giving you peace of mind.

Restoring balance to your life is one of the most important things you can do for your body and your mind. Think of the mental clarity and physical wellbeing that can be achieved when you are in balance. Our natural minerals create a true balance and oneness as nature intended.

Sparkle was created to help people experience total body wellness. So far, we have helped tens of thousands achieve a better life. Our global community of like-minded individuals is rapidly expanding, and we want you to be a part of it.

This November, we encourage you to join our Sparkle culture and begin living Life with No Limits!

Meet our Club Sparkle team in person and sample our products between November 3rd and November 7th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can RSVP on our website at!



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