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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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I hope you all had a wonderful New Moon, Equinox, Mabon, and/or Rosh Hashanah.

This month’s New Moon Group Tarot Zoomed in live from Albuquerque Pagan Pride and was delightful. There are only two more this year – register here – then I’m taking a two month break.

The last few days, Cade Burkhammer’s Wise Fool Tarot has been quite talkative, and gives us:
King of Pentacles/Diamonds inverted.

Interestingly, I pulled this card out sideways, then rotated it only looking to right the “K” in the diamond without observing the rest of the card until I looked at the space between his legs and wondered, where’s the head?

Get your head out of the gutter!

I went back and forth between “head” and “mind” but mind is really Air, so repetition of “head” had it.

Those earthy impulses are very appropriate for this card, as Pentacles are of the body, as is sex, regardless of age or gender.

I am struck by my attention – or lack thereof – in the turning of the card.

Had I been paying closer attention to the whole card, rather than an upper corner, I could have turned it right side up rather than inverted. It was my narrow focus that brought about a card talking about wasting, squandering, or misusing resources, rather than a card about earthly bounty and abundance; having plenty to share for all species to thrive and be honored.

Now there are some who don’t read – or create decks – with inversions or inverted meanings.

My decades of reading have brought about something a bit different – inversions as a lack of trust, or energy that hasn’t quite landed yet.

Maybe we’re more bountiful, grounded, wise, in tune with nature and our surroundings, than we believe.

Maybe it would help to connect our heads to the Earth and our feet to the Heavens.

The wheel or drum, our masculine Royal is holding in front of his pelvis is very prominent, inverted. It’s like a mini Wheel of Fortune with a long, white, foxy, side ponytail, which has a very playful energy. Not necessarily an energy initially thought of with Earth – that’s more of air, so there is more than a bit of Earth/Air play today – but play is definitely of the body. Laughing absolutely can be exercise. And some of the lines on his brown face may absolutely be laugh lines.

As always these energies exist in all sex/gender combinations.

May this card bring you grounding, and confidence in your home/work/body connections this week and beyond.

You are more centered and abundant than you realize.

About this Author – Cade Burkhammer
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