Starcodes: September 23-29

Starcodes for the week of September 23–29, 2022

The whisk of color on fall leaves can lift our mood this introspective self-critical week. Klutziness comes easily, mistakes proliferate, just when we’re feeling critical and could be hard on ourselves and other people blundering around us as Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo. Instead, let’s activate that Virgoan healing compassion, the present Libra Sun’s kindliness, and Mercurial humor to make it through. Stay alert for real swirling emergencies which need attention ASAP, and there could be a few, but for the rest- laugh at the slapstick, bond over delays, and make new friends along the way.

Mercury retrograde is great for correcting the problem from the past. Fix that broken toilet. Make amends. Contacted beloveds who’ve been out of touch. Repair what is repairable but avoid calling that toxic ex or engaging other old addictions.

It’s not a great week to test a new rocket ship, though it could be an effective week to hold a strike around Mercurial issues like education or transportation as we’ll quickly feel the pressure. Cultural anxiousness, although not logical, can put pressure on politics, but we can take it all with a grain of salt and level the mood.

With this retrograde Mercury, schedule extra time to deal with logistical chaos as paperwork and bureaucratic channels can tangle and need patience, not explosions, to solve. Be supremely careful when driving or venting via emails, it’s so easy to miss the mark. Take any close call as a wake-up call and just pay attention in the future.

The weekend begins spacey and self-conscious, but with potential healing magic as the waning Virgo Moon joins Mercury and Venus in introspective and particular Virgo and Venus opposes Neptune. On Sunday, the new Moon in Libra, along with a bittersweet Venus-Pluto trine, can help us start a new chapter in our relationships or begin new friendships, help us see beauty in the world, and if we look, also beauty in ourselves. Just go slow and stay situationally aware.

Watch what is said early in the week; words have extra effect as Mercury conjuncts Venus in Virgo and both trine Pluto. Speak kindly as those words can go straight to people’s hearts. While this can begin all kinds of good new possibilities, the conversation won’t be truly completed until Mercury turns direct and trines Pluto again in a few weeks. Engage, just hammer out the details later.

Midweek a focused Scorpio Moon brings curiosity and investigative chops to our mysteries. Research the roots the situation, catch up on the stories of old friends and reconnect with old clients and use this ability to investigate in a good way. Cross boundaries and poke in people’s private closets, however, and expect repercussions. Potential new work percolates in the background as Mars trines Saturn, though details need flashing out later. Look for ways to correct structural issues in the body and in architectural foundations.

Venus enters its own beautiful sign of Libra on Thursday and shines its social warmth on romance and collaboration. We could begin to be kinder to ourselves. Let this Venus fan the flames of warmth, romance, and collaboration. Be there for one another.

Friday, September 23: We could become particular, edgy, or self-conscious. If we sharpen our claws on one another, the situation gets difficult. Instead, let’s focus on social critique and what needs fixing, and brainstorm solutions together. Or, even better, dial our brains towards what’s wonderful and use that Virgo specificity to see beauty in ourselves and the world around us. Engage a healing radical acceptance.

Sun conjunct Mercury 12:49 AM, Virgo Moon conjuncts Mercury 1:53 AM, Mercury retrogrades into Virgo 6:04 AM.

Saturday, September 24: A sleepy and magical morning can open into a potentially heart-opening and bonding day while Venus and the Moon oppose Neptune. Edges soften. Just watch for projection, for thinking we know what other people are thinking and feeling without evidence. Ask, rather than assume. It’s a day to learn; creativity, spiritual practice, or fiction-writing, journeywork, and intuitive connection furthers, just watch the interpretation and sense the edge between objectivity and subjective experience.

Venus opposed Neptune 2:51 AM, Moon square Mars 11:50 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:16 PM, Moon opposes Neptune 11:10 PM.

Sunday, September 25: An old chapter closes and a new one opens as the Moon enters Libra and conjuncts the Sun at 3:54 PM MDT. Some experiences can bond us, bittersweet poignant love in the face of loss tugs our heart as Venus trines Pluto. Take a moment to let memories flow through and focus on personal healing. Friendship is always worth the effort, worth risking loss.

Moon conjunct Venus 1:24 AM, Moon trine Pluto 3:34 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 6:49 AM, Moon enters Libra 10:42 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 3:54 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 5:44 PM, Venus trine Pluto 11:45 PM.

Monday, September 26: The mood could be enthusiastic but easily confused. Let a potential optimism and enthusiasm open up new possibilities to connect with allies as Mercury conjuncts Venus, the Sun opposes Jupiter, and the sociable Libra Moon trines Mars and Saturn. Let’s just be very clear about what we want understood. Keep the cell phone handy for last-minute changed and missed connections. If the mind drifts and dreams, be consciously passive, not just forgetful- rest and be open.

Mercury conjunct Venus 11:58 AM, Sun opposed Jupiter 1:33 PM, Moon trine Mars 8:54 PM, Moon trine Saturn 9:44 PM.

Tuesday, September 27: The mood is both deeply private and thoroughly curious. We’ll want to get to the bottom of something, talk about the past, catch up with old friends or find that missing report as Mercury trines Pluto under a curious, private Scorpio Moon. Investigate within and without, dive deeper without invading others’ emotional boundaries.

Mercury trine Pluto 6:56 AM, Moon square Pluto 10:20 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 5:14 PM, Mars trine Saturn 11:48 PM.

Wednesday, September 28: Invoke curiosity rather than confrontation. Expect the unexpected, including a sudden change of mind, and make it a good change as Jupiter semi-squares Uranus. Invoke curiosity rather than confront—people are openminded but conflict -avoidant. Mechanical and structural brilliance arises when there’s a need, and there may be a need, as Mars trines Saturn. Fan the sparks of new work, new projects, but don’t jump to sign in unless it feels truly ready to go. Communicate across generations and let the wisdom flow both ways.

Jupiter semi-square Uranus 1:57 PM.

Thursday, September 29: Although the Scorpio Moon keeps us private and focused, nerves ease as the day progresses, hearts soften and interpersonal expectations increase as Venus enters Libra. Though we still have to work to stay grounded, as inspired confusion can thicken as Mercury opposes Neptune; dream together and share from the heart but track important details very carefully. Feel the mood expand and grow more extroverted if impatient tonight as the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Venus enters Libra 1:49 AM, Moon opposes Uranus 1:49 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:57 AM, Moon trine Neptune 11:02 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 12:57 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:19 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 10:03 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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