Uncovering The Ancient Wisdom of the Womb and The Rise of The Divine Feminine


There are principles that govern the fabric of creation that manifest as our physical world. Women are understood to be connected to this web of life through their womb.

The womb is our primordial center.

The seat of our creativity and sensuality, our feminine power or the divine feminine.

The womb energy is closely related to our three lower chakras those of the root, sacral and solar plexus. When the energy in these chakras becomes stagnated it can affect the flow of energy into our hearts.

heart chakra mandala
Heart chakra mandala

Over many, many earth years the collective conscious has become polluted, often due to an imbalance between the feminine and masculine energies.

Women have been largely separated from their true natures and nature itself.

Women in the so-called developed world have adapted to become harder or over intellectualized, loosing touch with their primal center. This has led to a decline in the health of the individual and the collective.

The symptoms of our disease, which stem from the loss of our birth right are poked and prodded, sometimes even cut from us. With the hysterectomy now being the most common surgery among women in the US.

It is said that the way we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of the way we treat the earth.

In many ancient cultures the body, in particularly the female body was viewed as a vehicle for enlightenment.

Today in the so-called developed world young girls who experience pre-menstrual syndrome, heavy periods or even oily skin are encouraged to take contraceptive pills that increase their risk of cancer, damage their natural cycle and all but obliterate a connection to the womb at a vital stage of their initiation into womanhood.

Birth and mothering sovereignty is neglected and female intuition is overruled by societal norms.

Even the magic of passage into the autumn of our lives is eroded by a toxic femininity that hails the image of eternal youth. It wants to erase the lines of laughter, sadness, resilience and life itself from our faces with needles. It seduces us to paint our shimmering silver tresses with harsh, chemical dyes that are known to disrupt our endocrine system. Toxic tampons and environmental pollutants knowingly distributed through the food chain and cosmetic industry are acknowledged to cause similar issues.

Finally, to add insult to injury, it has become commonplace to replace a ceremonial transition into the third, final and most mystical of all our life phases with a pill box full of artificial hormones.

It is not hard to see we have strayed a long way from home. It is not hard to see why women are so often left feeling disconnected from their own bodies.

Many acts and lifestyle choices can cause a woman to become disconnected from her womb and womb cycle from an early age. The way the female form is depicted and over sexualized is damaging to the young woman’s psyche. The lack of reverence for the act of sexual union, further depreciated by the extremely violent and misogynistic porn that has become easily accessible to young men and women in our time.

Often women who experience sexual abuse at a young age close off their connection to the womb as a method of both self protection and protection to the cosmic grid. When women psychically cleanse and heal their wombs, their health, vitality and intuition are immensely strengthened. For it is through the womb that a woman is able to access pure cosmic consciousness.

When women believe to be experiencing a gut feeling, what they are often experiencing is a connection to their womb.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs of female with red solar disc
Egyptian Hieroglyphs featuring an image of the female adorned with a red, solar disc

The body of the goddess [of which all women on earth are the living incarnate] has been worshipped as far back as evidence exists, from carvings to cave paintings, from sculptures to magnificent monuments. From the women centered cultures of lost civilizations to the emergence of the Goddess wisdom in our times, the female is representative of the cosmic mother herself.

Through knowledge of the feminine mysteries and a conscious connection to the origin of all life a woman claims the power to heal both female and male consciousness.

Evidence of Pagan belief systems that honor both the Goddess and God exist even within the Christian bible today despite the Roman Catholic churches great and brutal attempts to extinguish them. Early Christians were aware of the divine feminine and it is widely acknowledged that the bible’s Mary Magdalene was either literally or representative of a priestess of the feminine mystery school. Several researcher’s support the idea that Mary Magdalene was in fact the wife of Jesus and that they had a child. This may of course be an allegory for similar stories far older that were used to initiate people into the sacred knowing.

“Maurice Cotterell, engineer, scientist and in my personal opinion one of today’s most brilliant, if not under appreciated minds was able to calculate the long-term magnetic reversals of the sun. Cotterell explains how the equatorial region of the sun rotates once every 28 days showering the Van Allen belts with charged particles that create a 28 day variation in the magnetic field of earth. The magnetic modulations act upon the pineal and hypothalamus glands which convert such modulations into chemical variations in the endocrine system. These variations result in the production of oestrogen and progesterone which are visible in the 28 day average fertility cycle in females. Cycles can vary in individuals between 28 and 32 days when the polar magnetic field of the sun interferes with the equatorial magnetic field of the sun. This biorhythm is cued by the sun from the moment of conception through to birth, puberty and later menopause. This knowledge is likely the origin of the story of the female virgin birth or a woman giving birth to the sun of God.”

The Healing Power of Planet Earth, a book by Rachel Wild available this October


There is an abundance of evidence to suggest many ancient cultures were aware of the influence of the sun on the womb.

The womb itself acts as a portal capable of transmuting light and energy which in turn supports the cosmic womb and aids the spiritual transition we are currently experiencing on earth. All life is connected. Through out history many civilizations have risen and fallen only to disappear into antiquity. Extinguished by their greed and quest for power.

We are currently experiencing the end of an age. Certain negative energies have corrupted our earth grid [matrix]. These negative energies are being transmuted at this time by higher sources. Wombs that have been cleansed have the power to assist this process through their connection to the web of life. The word matrix hailing from, old french, matrice meaning womb.

Indigenous people around the globe have retained the secrets of the ancient womb wisdom and methods by which a womb-man can cleanse and heal her womb and her ancestral and past life wounds. Many of these healers will never be famous, they have no desire to be. You won’t see their names in the papers yet they have been generous enough to share their secrets with those to whom they know they can trust. Today there are an ever growing collective of practitioners, healers and wise women whom through blood, sweat, tears and hard work have been initiated into these arts. They are working to guide women back to their center, their sovereignty and their sacred selves.

Just as the way we treat our own bodies is reflective of the way we treat earth perhaps it is just as true that the collective health of the womb reflects the health of mother earth.

Each month our own womb reflects the cycles of earth’s seasons. Honoring this cycle and the deep knowing it brings offers us the opportunity to restore devotion to our lives and mother earth once more. To bring balance where there has been none and to heal the wounds of our past. For when the sanctity of the origin is acknowledged we as people of earth shall rise.


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