What Does Your Face Say About Your Health?


Facial Diagnosis has been honored and well-documented throughout history in China for thousands of years. Face readings are still used today by many cultures, primarily as a fortune-telling tool because the face shows who someone is and what has happened to them along their journey. Do you know that you can see illness on the face before being diagnosed?

Face readings are not limited to Chinese alone. Face readings have a long history in the Western world too. Reading bumps on one’s head was popular in the eighteenth century in both Europe and America. Did you know that America’s revered President, Abraham Lincoln picked his cabinet of members based on their faces? Even an old Maytag booklet from the early 1900s explains how face reading helps sell appliances.

Whether you know it or not, you read faces every day. That’s how you feel someone is good or bad when you look at someone. Big organizations and corporations use face reading to determine who will best fit their open positions. Face reading is a valuable tool for managers, lawyers, judges, parents, and therapists. Each face shape tells about personality traits. Lawyers, in particular, use their gift to read faces to pick the best jurors for a trial. The basic nine face shapes will help us understand how your clients communicate. It will also give us an inside track on communicating with clients so they can achieve optimal results. And when your client feels comfortable and understood, this allows them to be themselves. The five elements of the face will enable us to make lifestyle recommendations, detect dis-ease, and find underlying causes of symptoms the client may be experiencing. The face alone can communicate an impressive range of human emotions. The way we read faces is by far the most powerful tool we have for communication.

Approximately 25 square inches of your face gives more information about you and your inner emotions than any other body part. Your face is an outside view of your inner self and reflects your feelings.

It is genuinely unique what your face can reveal. A close friend of mine was going through some issues. One day, I noticed that his liver lines grew more profound and extended. I knew this meant trouble. I insisted he gets blood work done. As suspected, all his liver numbers were off. I was able to get him going on supplements to support the liver. Interestingly enough, the lines start to recess as the liver gets supported. My friends’ experience is an excellent example of the power of face readings and how they can benefit you.

When I look at a face, I am not looking for good or bad; I am looking for the strengths and weaknesses that help me guide you to feel better and help you achieve a more vibrant life. Each organ can tell us physical deficiencies and possible emotional issues.

The five elements of the face are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Each element reflects an organ in the body. Water represents the kidneys. The key things I look for in the water element are the ears, hairline, under the eyes, and chin. The emotion that is associated with the kidneys is fear. Wood represents the liver/gallbladder. The first place on the face that gives clues that the liver needs support is between the eyes and eyelids. The emotion that may need to work with is anger. Fire represents the heart and small intestines. The key areas that I focus on are the nose and the middle of the forehead. The emotion for the fire element is joy. Earth represents the spleen, pancreas, and stomach. The areas on the face that show these deficiencies are the lips, mouth, and nose. The emotion is worry. Metal represents the lungs and large intestines. I look at the cheeks and outer forehead to see these possible deficiencies. The emotion for this element is despair.

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