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Brave Healer Productions Releases the Fourth Installment of The Ancestors Within Series

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Brave Healer Productions proudly announces the release of the fourth book in The Ancestors Within series: Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins. The first three volumes are Amazon best-sellers. Available in print and eBook formats, the volumes share the same lead author, Amy Gillespie Dougherty, the founder of Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading, which originated as a survival skills program for teens and young adults for reducing self-destructive behaviors.

The first book, subtitled Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry, emphasized the repeat patterns that show up in your life and how they have ancestral ties that can be resolved. Discover and Connect with Your Ancient Origins, the second book, focused on unique ways to connect with your ancestors. The third book, Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins, invited readers to explore the gifts they hold within them and develop and teach others their unique inherent skills. The fourth book, Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins, offers additional stories and tools for “finding your cool-ancestor story.”

In the book’s introduction, Gillespie Dougherty writes: “Our authors are on a mission to change the way you experience your ancestors that goes well beyond DNA, genealogy, family trees, and online ancestry sites.” She adds, “For all people, adopted or not, your impulses, fears, likes, and inherent talents come from your genetic line. Your interest and drive to do certain things (puzzles, crafting, dancing, fishing) not only builds on that initial DNA imprint but then gains and expands as you repeat the actions of your ancestors, moving your hands in the same ways, smelling what they smelled, hearing what they heard, touching what they touched.”

As before, this volume features the wisdom of 25 experts in ancestral healing. Vol. 4 contributors are Mari Abraham, Frank Byrum, Jody Cursio, Marakai D’ané, Garrett Duncan, Melissa Jolly Graves, Arielle Jones, Elizabeth R Kipp, Claire Marie Kohout, Cyndie Kramer, Krista Lindquist, Abbie Martin, Melissa McGlone, Kelley Partridge, Dr. Ahriana Platten, Mark J. Platten, Dr. Pamela Poston, Dr. William Poston, Crystal Rasmussen, Dr. Tatiana Riabokin, Shirley Scranta, Star Studonivic, Hemali V. Vora, and Red Star Woman.

There are chapters about embracing rituals to connect to your ancestors; accessing ancestors through dreams; fighting for ancestral connections, when laughter becomes medicine, and more.

Praise for The Ancestors Within
“Cross the threshold into the mystical realm of your ancestors where you will quickly be reminded that our lives are interwoven and just how powerful you are!” — Jennifer Holik, genealogist, military researcher, and intuitive healer

“In a world that is constantly racing forward, there is genius in taking time to journey back into the rich history of our ancestry to heal and grow. These 25 captivating stories and tools help us to bravely connect with our ancestral gifts.” — Stephanie Zito, intuitive soul purpose coach

About the Lead Author
Amy Gillespie Dougherty is the author of Six Years in Mozambique, and lead author of the award winning, The Ancestors Within Journal I. Passionate about changing the way you experience your ancestors, she hosts the upcoming Ancestors Within Podcast and The Ancestral Summit (101 Voices & Perspectives of Ancestral Connection) Nov 7-11, 2022! Creator of Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading, and the Ancestral Toolkit©, she’s setting a bolder course for individuals and families to explore where they come from and what they were born to do!

Learn more through the Ancestors Within Facebook Group.

A full list of services offered by Brave Healer Productions can be found here.


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