I’ve Been Shot! Guided by Angels in a Mass Shooting


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Don’t miss this captivating interview, where Shannon Leischner tells Jurema about her connection with angels since childhood, and how she helps her clients connect with the angelic realms or any other light realms they are connected to. Shannon describes how we, as a collective, must rise above the ‘3D sludge’ to vibrate higher and that our society needs to remove the divide and unite to move forward.

Hear Shannon’s harrowing story about her premonition of being shot – including vivid sensations of the bullet’s searing heat and of blood pouring from her stomach down her leg. Two months later, on October 1, 2017, Shannon found herself in the midst of one of our country’s deadliest shootings while attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas. Through divine intervention from Angel Gabriel, one of her primary angelic guides, she received the guidance she needed to survive.

What has Shannon learned from her experiences and divine connection? The biggest message is “Be your true authentic self… Own your path and walk it! Don’t live with a job or situation where you are miserable. The joy comes when we are living in alignment with our path!”

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