New Scorpio Moon


Welcome to our New Scorpio Moon, exact at 5:48am central October 25. New Moons are times of endings and new beginnings. Scorpio is the season of clearing and finality, transformation and power. It is at this time when retrospection is incredibly important. We look back on our year and assess those experiences which have either increased our connection with our power and purpose or those situations and circumstances which have hurt or wounded us. We look back on our year and celebrate those experiences which have empowered us as well as looking at those situations and experiences which need healing.

The tomatoes are most likely dead in many gardens. The leaves of the sunflowers have withered. All of the beautiful flowers that one’s graced our pathways have now succumbed to the acknowledgment that everything ends in death. Or does it?

Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

Welcome to Scorpio season where wisdom tells us it does not. The crispy, brown zinnia has no chance of re-blooming. Yet, inside of that apparently dead flower lay dozens of seeds. And each one of those seeds can be a brand-new zinnia plant upon their re-planting next spring. It all comes down to perception; and our perception is colored by our emotions. If we fear or despise the brown zinnia, we will not reach out to still pluck it. If we do not engage it, we cannot open it up to find the seeds of new life. But they are there. All we have to do is engage whatever part of us keeps us from acknowledging that.

Therein lies the trick, the key, and the secret to unlocking the power of Scorpio season. Everything that exists does so in a circle, rhythm, and cycle. Leaves fall to the ground but, in their decomposition, they feed the soil. Those nutrients help to give new life. So, we humans have experiences where, in wisdom, we understand the cycle and the rhythm and the circle. Our old leaves drop when their usefulness has expired, and frost will remove all parts of us which are too tender to survive the harsh winter. Yet wisdom teaches us that the trees will leaf out again in spring. The bare, leafless tree is not dead but merely sleeping.

With this New Moon, let us, in one hand, let us shed our leaves. Let us let go of the fear and the sorrow and anger associated with our mortality. That alone can heal the frustration with our family, the anger toward our unjust world, the sadness at the loss of summer, the fear of winter. In the other hand, let us hold tight our passion for this present moment. As we descend into winter, we must take with us only those perceptions, emotions, and intentions which reflect the sacredness of life.

For the zinnia, all it takes is a frost to destroy it. For the maple tree, that same frost takes only its leaves, yet still holds solid to its life through the bitter winter storms. Save the zinnia seeds and throw the rest in the compost. Celebrate the beauty of the falling maple leaves. Save the wisdom of having learned life experiences, be them beneficial or challenging. Celebrate the beauty of the present moment because if you are reading this you are alive and that is everything to be grateful for. Let’s carry that gratitude and that integrated wisdom with us through this season as we heal those parts of us which are desperately asking for it. Celebrate life! Celebrate love! Winter is coming. Be ready.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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