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Numerology makes you aware that November is always a high vibrational energy. Why so? Because November is the 11th month of the year, and the 11/2 vibrational energy creates an opportunity for you to “listen” with more of your innate senses to the world you live in today. Listening involves your attention, being present, nurturing, devotion, and wonder.

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Many folks are so busy today dealing with changes in their personal and professional life that they find little or no time to listen to each other, their environment, and most of all their inner self. November’s higher vibrational frequency allows you an opportunity to stop, sit, listen, and observe who you are being. The wise native Americans elders have a saying “speak only half as much as you listen”.

Numerology’s wisdom of the digits has been encouraging you to heal your differences in 2022. Imagine how this can work this month. What if this month you practiced the art of listening? What if you were able to listen to someone’s ideas about what is important in their life without interruption. What if you took a break during the day to observe and listen to the many sounds of nature? What if you listened to your body’s needs. What if you listened to your own small inner voice, your intuition?

November’s high vibrational energy frequencies create a resonance that will allow you, if you are ready, to spend more time with your inner self. What if you decide to heal the differences you have with your inner knowingness, (your higher consciousness), and your analytical critical self, (your ego)! If you take that task on this month to make peace with these two aspects of your daily living it will greatly enhance your life. Are you aware that when these two aspects of you work as a team using your imagination to create, that’s when manifesting happens quickly!

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The good news is November’s high vibrational frequency will create a space for you to become a spiritual listener. Becoming a spiritual listener needs a commitment from you to create the time and the practice to learn the art of this powerful skill. I am talking about you developing the practice of meditation. There are many types of meditation that will teach you many things. The key is you need 20-30 minutes of meditation time per day. This can be a challenge for you at first for many reasons. If meditation is new to you, to get started you may want to take a beginner’s class from Echo Bodine at EchoBodine.com.

Spiritual listening begins as a daily practice in your third-dimension consciousness of everyday living and working. Soon, as you move into this practice, it will elevate you into the fourth dimension of your consciousness. This dimension is where your analytical mind has blended with your higher knowingness mind. In this space you begin to create the alignment necessary for you to use your imagination to create and manifest your dreams. This gift is available this month, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.


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