Starcodes: October 21-27


Starcodes for the week of October 21–27, 2022

The astrological conditions change fast this week as several planets change signs, Saturn turns direct after many months retrograde, a partial solar eclipse, new Moon in Scorpio sharpens our focus and brings in some magic. Think where to steer the boat and be ready to run with the shifting winds.

The weekend begins sweet, nervy, self-conscious, if easily anxious or lost in our own thoughts. Mercury, Venus and the Sun in friendly, sociable Libra trine Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius under an industrious if worried Virgo Moon. We can overthink and second-guess ourselves in six directions and overflow with great ideas but find it difficult to stay focused unless we’re really excited about our work.

On Saturday the Sun conjuncts Venus in Libra, the first time since the 1800s and starts a new cycle that wants justice, peace, and beauty. The conjunction between Sun and Venus sets up a resonance for 9 months, until they conjunct again, cycling between 5 signs -the Venus Star Points – cycling slowly until the pattern shifts into a new sign, one at a time. This new Libra point doesn’t mean we can get that peace easily, but it adds extra power to that search and stays in the cycle of Venus star-points- for the next hundred plus years.

The energy shifts on Sunday, bringing a sharp-edged no-nonsense intensity, dark humor, and magic as both Venus and the Sun enters Scorpio. To soften the change the Moon enters friendly Libra and our focus is given work to do as serious Saturn turns direct after months retrograde. As the week begins on Monday, it will be important to check in with the team and notice what attitudes have changed. Keep an eye on stories in the news for shift in the winds. Catch up and find out where people are this week versus last week, notice what attitudes have changed and incorporate those new directions.

On Tuesday the Moon joins the Sun at 2° Scorpio-this New Moon creates a partial solar eclipse at 4:48 AM and could precipitate events where it is visible, through Europe and the Middle East. Eclipses shift stuck energy; if nothing is stuck, nothing happens. We can choose to use this astrological focus point like acupuncture to break up our resistance and focus on the future. Just watch a sudden urge to walk out of a relationship or job; honor feelings but see if a more moderate response would work first.

Be ready for some intense and confusing discussions, but with the potential of coming to more clear decisions in response to information or some tough revelation as Mercury trines Mars and squares Pluto. We can become reactive, snap, jump to conclusions or give think we need to give up or cut away something when a situation just needs a fresh perspective and extra work. It’s a good time to invest in a project that takes research and focus and use that obsessive streak for good.

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Friday, Oct 21: We can see the big picture, and it could be beautiful, but it can be hard to keep our attention there as little details distract us like squirrels running past the dog. Let the details serve the bigger picture rather than cause overthinking or time-wasting. Forgive one another for the wandering attention, laugh rather than feel guilty and refocus. Evening calls for a change of scene or breaking routine as the Moon trine Uranus.

Moon trines Uranus 9:19 pm.

Saturday, Oct 22: If the morning feels nervy, full of doubts, relax and bring the imagination to beautiful possibilities as the Moon opposes Neptune and Mercury quincunx Uranus. Afternoon and evening shift into some beautiful and productive glory as the Sun conjuncts Venus in Libra and encourages us to connect and collaborate. Mercury trines Saturn and brings extra sanity, As Saturn turns direct and the Moon enters Libra the evening both grows more sociable with hints about some project or relationship that could require commitment. Don’t agree to something that doesn’t feel really right, but consider investing the heart.

Mercury quincunx Uranus 5:24 AM, Moon opposition Neptune 6:37 AM, Moon square Mars, 10:27 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:17 PM, Sun conjunct Venus 3:17 PM, Mercury Trine Saturn, 7:00 PM, Moon enters Libra, 7:24 PM, Moon opposes Jupiter9:17 PM. Saturn stations direct 10:07 pm

Sunday, Oct 23: Halloween season begins as the Sun and Venus enters Scorpio this morning, the mood shifts to deeper, quieter, more interested in pumpkin spice and strange costumes which allow us, Scorpio-wise, to have a wild time and keep our privacy at the same time. It furthers to take a moment alone to regroup and reassess for the season.

Venus enters Scorpio 1:51 AM, Sun enters Scorpio 4:35 4:35 AM, Venus quincunx Jupiter 9:57, Sun quincunx Jupiter 2:20 PM.

Monday, Oct 24: Communicate intelligently as the waning Moon conjuncts Venus in cooperative Libra. Make plans, get agreements, have meetings, find closure on projects. People may sound agreeable but still experience a change in perceptions since the last meeting; ask more probing questions and understand the shifting mood. Listen to the moods as new resistance or enthusiasm can shift direction.

Moon trine Saturn 5:08 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 10:01 AM, Moon trine Mars 5:12 PM, Moon square Pluto 6:35 PM.

Tuesday, Oct 25: The New Moon- solar eclipse in Scorpio early this morning ends one cycle and begins another. Watch the sarcastic comments and notice a strange combination of passion and emotional distance. Watch where a certain paranoid thought pattern takes one; Mercury quincunx Neptune and can send us down a rabbit hole or help us write great fiction. Most of us will just find extra focus with a bit of snarky attitude if interrupted, others may find suppressed feelings erupt, people retaliate. Don’t trifle with feelings nor play with jealousy or possessiveness.

Moon enters Scorpio 1:81 AM, Moon conjunct Sun- solar eclipse 4:48 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 6:04 AM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 10:29 PM.

Wednesday, Oct 26: We could feel contrary, tails twitch this morning, fed up with some limitation as the Moon squares Saturn. We will feel better if we feel in control of our time and priorities. Avoid interrupting, let people brood and percolate. Decisions hatch and new agreements form from this productive simmering later on as the Mercury sextiles Mars. Watch the headlines for hints of the next chapters.

Moon opposes Uranus 7:34 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:29 AM, Moon trine Neptune 5:04 PM, Mercury trine Mars 9:36 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 10:27 PM.

Thursday, Oct 27: Feel the surge in the fight for freedom, whether it’s the freedom to the take a walk in the fall weather or to fight for life or rights around the globe as the Moon enters Sagittarius, trines Jupiter, Jupiter enters Pisces, and Mercury squares Pluto. In response to some new revelation we may jump to conclusions, be ready to cut bait, when all that is needed is a small adjustment. Think it through.

Moon enters Sagittarius 4:54 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:01 AM, Mercury square Pluto 7:08 AM, Jupiter enters Pisces 11:09.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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