Starcodes: October 28 – November 3


Starcodes for the week of October 28 – November 3, 2022

Halloween approaches, Samhain, Samhuinn, Autumn’s midpoint where we traditionally face our fears and make peace with our ancestors before the winter begins, and where, in a true mysterious Scorpio fashion, we can don a mask to both party and still remain private.
This week the mood can be paradoxically catlike, we purr and scratch, affectionate yet can get as stormy as an autumnal sky while the Sun and Venus conjunct in Scorpio. Where the path forward is clear we could love our work and share our love and compassion, but our snark can be easily activated by any violation of trust or obliviousness to our tenderness.

Underneath the brooding Scorpio attitude an ongoing grand trine in air signs keeps everything moving; our minds stay busy, buzzing, but we have to add the depth and stability with Mars in nervy Gemini, Mercury in considerate Libra, and Saturn in team-oriented Aquarius. Listen to the magical flow of words but look for the motivation behind them. Prioritize kind and safe thoughts, actions, and transportation.

Mars retrogrades on Sunday and stays in Gemini until mid-January, an unusually long Mars cycle. With this Mars words can be our gift and our battle, words used to hurt or to weave new coalitions together. This Mars helps us any negotiations, it encourages a conversation and improves the word flow but some of it may feel like propaganda. Some people will say what they think we want to hear – or contrarily – the exact opposite-instead of speaking there emotionally connected truth, a pattern which could make family gatherings and building coalition governments a challenging spectator sport. Enjoy the words but look to the motivation behind them to interpret their real meaning.

After a restless and relatively high energy Friday, we get serious on Saturday as the Moon enters determined Capricorn and Mercury enters sharp-edged Scorpio and it will be important to give that focus a good place to go. We can either obsess or concentrate to achieve a goal. The temptation will be to tell other people what to do when we are under stress, but that won’t help. We need to feel like we are getting somewhere ourselves, any sense of accomplishment furthers. Traditions or familiar patterns can soothe tension between opinions.

Halloween parties could be intensely competitive if unusually creative. On Monday our attitude grows friendlier, more community-oriented under a collective Aquarius Moon, just in time for trick-or-treats.

We could see flashes of resentment spike occasionally in an otherwise productive week, often triggered by tension between conflicting needs within ourselves – between what the world wants us to do and where our Scorpionic focus takes us, or between our priorities and those of the people around us. Like tension building on a geological fault line. Look for a healthy balance and productive ways to release that tension.

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Friday, October 28: Get moving or speak up under a practical, generally positive, peripatetic Sagittarius Moon. It’s a good day to make connections, travel, get costumes ready for the weekend. Our energy may fizzle out early or small snafus could pile up later on as the Moon squares Neptune and opposes Mars. Make light of the snafus where possible, but if feeling cranky, walk or dance it out—and assess the situation more directly tomorrow. Consider not saying that pointed bit of honesty – know when to bite the tongue and be quiet.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:16 PM MDT, Moon square Neptune 7:37 PM, Moon opposed Mars 11:57 PM.

Saturday, October 29: An efficient day of focus and depth- or obsession and trouble; expect some kickback if interrupting people on a mission. Have a serious project to engage. Our words have extra power, so let’s say what we mean and mean what we say as Mercury quincunx Jupiter and enters Scorpio. Evening softens and unfurls as the Moon sextiles Sun and Venus; let go of control issues, open the heart and honor the moment.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:33 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:09 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 7:27 AM, Venus sesqui- quadrate Neptune 10:45 AM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 11:32 AM, Mercury enters Scorpio 1:22 PM, Moon sextile Sun 6:20 PM, Moon sextile Venus 9:40 PM.

Sunday, October 30: Choose safety first as Mars turns retrograde this morning. Radical acceptance may be needed if others act out. Stop any effort to manipulate or coerce others, even for their own good- and watch out for those that seek to impose their will. Notice flashes of anger, old grudges, or old passions which raise their head- drop the justifications and reassess their foundations. Engage seasonal fun later in the day; but stay present and keep it agenda free.

Mars turns retrograde 7:25 AM, Moon trine Uranus 12:21 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 9:51 PM.

Monday, October 31: Happy Halloween! Listen to early morning dreams as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and thins the veil between the worlds. Our memories could bring visitors. After taking a moment alone this morning-Midday brings a more extroverted curiosity, we could enjoy parties and communal events as the Moon enters group-oriented Aquarius– especially if we have the privacy of a mask. Attraction and irritation take turns.

Moon conjunct Pluto 3:22 AM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Neptune 3:50 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:14 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 9:42 AM, Venus sesqui-quadrate Mars 2:55 PM, Moon square Mercury 3:36 PM.

Tuesday, November 1: Reset, reorganize, redirect efforts. This is not a cuddly day; people may be feeling deeply but would probably rather not talk about it, what they do want to talk about is how to get those goals met. If we feel strange undercurrents, we’re probably right, but the people involved may not be conscious of their feelings enough to make it worth mentioning. Those strange signals are probably not about us.

Moon square Sun 12:37 AM, Moon square Venus 5:04 AM, Moon square Uranus 2:53 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 5:22 PM.

Wednesday, November 2: Our emotions grow more tender and potentially more sullen as Venus quincunx Chiron and the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. It is important we acknowledge that we are responsible for our own emotional journey and don’t expect others to guess what’s needed then resent them for missing the clues. Kindness and consideration further.

Moon trine Mars 5:08 AM, Venus quincunx Chiron 11:12 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:46 PM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Mars 5:39 PM.

Thursday, November 3: Is it imagination, projection, hopes or fears? Ask rather than assume- as our interpersonal signals can be off but our intuition an imagination are strong and able to run with the wrong ball. But oh the art we could make. Make progress and enjoy a magical flow where signals are clear and direct as the Moon trines Sun, Venus, and Mercury.

Moon trine Mercury 1:43 AM, Mercury sesqui- quadrate Neptune 7:31 AM, Moon trine Sun 8 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:42 PM, Venus sesqui-quadrate Jupiter 3:15 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:28 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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