Use Jin Shin Jyutsu to Treat your Cat’s Digestive Issues


Jin Shin Jyutsu is a form of intuitive healing knowledge that all we humans carry inside us from birth and often unconsciously use time and again. Read Tina’s other articles Do It Yourself Jin Shin Harmonizers for your Cats & Dogs and Treat your Dog’s Digestive Issues yourself with Jin Shin Jyutsu

When we put our heads in our hands while thinking, for example, we activate certain parts of our brain and thereby help ourselves to remember things. At school, children often sit on their hands, which helps them to focus, to listen more carefully and to remember what they have learned. When we cross our arms, we touch a point in the crook of the elbow, which helps to align us with our own authority and power. We also intuitively place our hands on painful areas, on ourselves or on an animal, as a means of reassurance. Everyone knows Jin Shin Jyutsu – we just need to remember it again.

Even if your cat or dog has no symptoms or other issues, you can use the flows as a preventative measure. You can strengthen the health and resilience of your pet with just a few minutes of treatment.

A Quick Guide to Holding Points

  • Make sure that the atmosphere is as calm and undisturbed as possible
  • Feed your cat or dog beforehand so that they are not hungry, and their physical needs do not disturb the peace
  • Decide which points or flows to use
  • To start off, hold the initial centering points
  • Then place your hands or fingers on the chosen energy points
  • Hold the points until you feel a calm, even flow or pulsation (2–3 minutes per hold)
  • Depending on the issue at hand, you can give 2–3 treatments (or more) per day. Your pets will show you what is best for them
  • There are different safety energy locks or flows for most issues. Try them out, see what feels good. If your pet does not like a certain hold, try another
  • You cannot go wrong!


Let your intuition guide you to find your own way. You cannot go wrong! Even if you accidentally hold a “wrong” point, there are no negative consequences. It may just take a little longer for your treatment to have an impact. The harmonizing of energy flows is always linked to the intelligence of the body, and the body ultimately uses the harmonized energy exactly as is needed.

Keep Going

In cases of more severe or chronic illnesses, it is particularly important to harmonize energy points regularly. You can simply give treatments for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, thus offering regular impulses to the body. Alternatively, you can hold points for a little longer once a day. Let your pet guide you, depending on what it is comfortable with. And remember healthy cats and dogs like to be treated too! Regular treatments allow your pet to drop into a deep state of relaxation, in which extensive regeneration and healing can take place.


Treating Cats Digestive Issues:


Occasional vomiting to get rid of hairballs or ingested grass is normal. This is how the body eliminates harmful substances. However, if vomiting occurs more frequently, get your cat checked by a vet.

You can also support your cat by holding both SELs 1. Or place one hand on SEL 1 and the other hand on SEL 14.

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues

Stomach Pain and Colic

To relieve colic, place your hands on both SELs 1 (inside knee joints of the hind legs).

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues

Or hold high SEL 1 (about one paw’s width above SEL 1) together with low SEL 8 (about one paw’s width below SEL 8).

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues


Inflammation of the Stomach Lining (Gastritis)

Gastritis can have different causes: the eating of inedible plants, pollutants in the coat that get into the body from cleaning, drinking of flower water or dishwater, an infection or worm infestation. Gastritis may or may not be accompanied by vomiting.

You can support your cat in the following way: use the stomach flow (p. 39). Hold SEL 14 and high SEL 1 on the other side of the body.

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues


Intestine Constipation

In cases where there is no evidence of serious illness, constipation may have been caused by a lack of exercise (especially in domestic cats), one-sided diets, food that is too high in fibre and hairballs stuck in the intestine. Make sure your cat always has access to fresh water.

To clear blockages, hold both SELs 1 (p. 80). Or place one hand on SEL 11 and the other hand on the front paw on the other side of the body.

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues



This can have a number of causes. If it does not improve within a day despite Jin Shin treatment, or if the cat’s general condition is impaired, see a vet.

Hold both SELs 8.

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues

Or place one hand on the right SEL 8 and the other hand on the right high SEL 1 (about a paw’s width above SEL 1).

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues


Intestinal Colic

To calm the bowel, you can place one hand on high SEL 19 and the other hand on SEL 1 on the other side of the body.

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues


Intestinal Parasites

If your cat has recurring parasite issues, treat both SELs 19 regularly. Or hold SEL 3 together with SEL 19 first on one side, and then on the other.

jin shin jyutsu treatments for cat digestive issues


Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs by Tina Stümpfig © 2022 Findhorn Press. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.


Featured image by ractapopulous from Pixabay


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