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Blessed Dia de los Muertos, All Souls, All Saints, and Samhain.

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween with as much – or as little – candy as you desired.

Given this time of remembering our beloved and mighty dead, it’s only appropriate that Lua Tarot by Maree Bento wants to share today’s Card of the Week. Though the wood engravers who carved each of the multiple images on each card, are mostly forgotten – it was rare for them to sign their work back in the day – we have these beautiful images of people, places, visions, that were created in the 1800’s. That show a much more diverse world than has been white washed in many places.

Rather than ask, what will help us navigate the week to come, which is my usual intent, today wants:

What do our ancestors want us to know?

We are given:
The Lovers

Underneath it all is love.
(I say underneath because the deck wanted to be shuffled then flipped.)

Regardless of the pains, the warring families, the diseases,

there is love.

Sometimes holding on to one another isn’t enough,

but there is – and was – love.

Sometimes the messengers fail. Through no fault of their own, vital communications are lost, damage is done, and a way to heal going forward is finding shared love.

This card is a romantic depiction of Romeo and Juliet, so those of you familiar with the play, can see the failed friars, and the fake poison working too well, and the families coming together in grief and memorial,

thus with their deaths bury their parent’s strife.

Now, I do not think this card is a portent of death, but we are at the time where it is said the veil between living and dead is thinnest.

We’ve lost a lot of loved ones in the last few years, pandemic related and not. Now is a time to talk with them. Tarot can aid this communication.

Looking at this image, there is also a, hang on! vibe.

Hang on! Don’t let go!

Our Lovers Year (2022 = > 6 and the 6th Major Arcana is The Lovers) is almost complete. For many of us, we are about to – or just have – begun our new year. New life begins in darkness. The void of the unknown, the celestial womb, the fecund cave.

Now is a time for reflection, communing with the Ancestors, and starting to dream in the dark for what we want to come next.

Whatever that is, our Ancestors remind us to imbue it with Love.

And maybe have some back up communication systems in place.

Although, if the friars had been successful, and Romeo & Juliet lived, would the family blood feud have ever ended? Could they have been brought together through the love of grandchildren? Or something else? Disasters have a powerful way of bringing us together, reminding us of our shared humanity, in potent ways.

We’ll never know what would have happened had the star crossed lovers, lived.

But we can take the gifts given, even in tragedy.

We can continue to look for – and radiate – love.

PS – This portraiture is probably not modeled after real people. It’s probably a romanticized image. The carver’s notion of young love. Be aware of when you’re looking at historical fact vs. artistic interpretation vs. marketing propaganda.

About the Author –
Purchase this Deck – They are out of stock with no plans on another printing.
Recommended Reading – Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Folio version is my favorite, however if you haven’t read in Shakespeare’s English, it does take some getting used to.

All the b.e.s.t,
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