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Dear Shannon looking for the secret

Dear Shannon,

I’ve been trying different manifestation techniques. I am good at reality-creating tiny things, like a coin on the street. I can’t get the big stuff, though, like a new job or a new house. What am I missing? What can I try next?

Looking For The Secret

Dear Looking For The Secret,

Abraham Hicks (through Esther Hicks) said, “It is as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button.” It doesn’t seem so, though, does it?

At your stage of manifestation, you are practicing with small things and getting good results. Please keep every coin you pick up and put it on a special shelf or in a special jar, rather then spending it at the grocery store.

Notice what else is coming to you: new friends, gigs, videos, free furniture or hand-me-down tools or clothing, information, jokes, connections, recommendations, etc.

The strategy now is to enlarge your manifestation from small, physical items into larger and more intangible items, and then towards larger, physical items (house) and phenomena (job).

Opening up your mind’s eye and focusing your lens on every episode of synchronicity, track each one with care and diligence.

Keep a list in an easy place, like on your phone’s reminders app.

Similarly, work on your Wish List with just as much care: be as detailed as possible: the neighborhood, size of the house, the specifications, the price, the front door color, the next-door neighbors, the bus line, the parking situation. Work towards these practically as well as magically. Make calls, scan through ads, walk through properties.

Now observe carefully as these two lines slowly (or quickly!) begin to converge. Keep us posted!

Always remember #YouAreGuided,

Dear Shannon,

I have two grown daughters. My eldest is the “golden child” who phones me daily and gives me her time (she doesn’t have a lot of money). I’m grateful to her, and I try to give her a little cash here and there. My baby is kind of a train wreck and constantly begs me for help and favors. I’m always bailing her out. How can I even out the way I care for them so they both know they are loved?

Queen Bee

Dear Queen Bee,

Your elder daughter is acting like an adult, and you are treating her like an adult, all is well. Since her love languages are Talk and Time, schedule a lunch date to chat. Your younger daughter has not crossed the line into adulthood yet. Instead of bailing her out, offer her scaffolding and structures to take her forward. Buy her the YNAB app (You Need A Budget) and get her a coach. Support her to get assessed for an ADHD diagnosis. Phone her the week before her bills are due, set her up with a pre-paid phone and card to build her credit back up. Tell her to listen to the ChooseFI podcast episodes. Since her love language is Service, be of service to her in advance instead of waiting until she’s in crisis.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,


Shannon Walbran is an advice columnist for The Edge Magazine. She is a certified intuitive life coach, practicing since 2003. Shannon helps clients worldwide and is based in both St. Paul, Minnesota, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Her website is

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