I Created a Religion


I created a religion. It began when I was young. I observed that in every facet of life there was a guru. As a child my parents seemed to know everything. While playing in my own backyard the girl next door seemed wise directing the games we played. While in college working many summer jobs, each one seemed to have a person of great wisdom. This seemed to be true regardless of the task at hand, be it: cutting grass, loading plastic pellets into a hopper, carrying wood for carpenters, and so on. I eventually got a degree in physics, practiced karate, participated in full contact competition, and programmed computers for many different corporations. I even spent time studying a variety of religions. All of this seemed to raise a question, what is the truth? In all of this I believe I found the single absolute truth:

No one knows the truth.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Or is it just a glass of water? And some say it is just an illusion. Ergo, no one knows the truth. Then, why is man different than the beasts of burden. Intelligence plays a clear role. Some have pointed out that man is superior because one generation passes knowledge gained to the next. So the great mental masters claim we must conquer our soul while our true power depends on many generations that have passed away. And it has been said that bubbles in the great oceans pop and generate the oxygen we inhale. So much of our existence depends on that which we cannot see.

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Buddhism impressed me the most as I understood Buddha to say: “We do not know what is above or below us. We can only observe what is in front of us.” Buddha did not pull wisdom from thin air but from what I could see before me. I studied it for sometime but eventually decided that his nirvana fell short. It seemed to me it did not consider why we want. And that the want is a part of our existence. Why should it be crushed?

I decided that perhaps I could be like all those around me and be a guru. Well, maybe I could start my own religion. So here is how I went about it. I modeled it after physics, the study of the physical universe. This new one is called spirics or a study of the spiritual universe. Physics became a science when Newton’s laws of motion were adopted.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an exterior force.
For every force in the universe there is an opposite and equal force.
Force is equal to mass times acceleration.

Doesn’t seem to relate to a washing machine does it? But its existence depends on those laws.

The idea was to devise some basic laws for spirics. They are:

The self has a drive to exist.
The self cannot observe the self.
The self can observe other self’s observing the self.
The self measures self existence by the numbers of other self’s that observe the self.

These were conceived by observing what is before us. What drives us to want? The answer here is that we need attention to understand we exist. Even if we must tell the world we don’t need attention to get attention.

Spirics attempts to describe the structure of the spiritual universe. The goal is to consider reality and discern what is. Is reincarnation a fact, does the spiritual universe exist, what is conciseness, and so on. Hopefully this knowledge can grow.

Corollaries to the basic laws of spirics are:

  1. We are what we observe.
  2. What we observe may be wrong.
  3. Any action we take is a response to what we observe.
  4. The only way we can be aware of our own existence is to observe that we observe.

Spircs, as a religion, has several major flaws. It does not offer salvation. It does not offer power. It does not suggest vengeance. This effort obeys that desire in all of us to pass our thoughts to those that follow us.

In an effort to be complete about this study, an additional item emerged during this study. At its inception, spirics was intended to be comprehensive about the non-physical. At its inception spirics was thought to be a universe that spawned the physical. The idea emerged that there is another universe that spawned the spiritual universe. This seems to change the meaning of spirics and its intent. I leave it to you if you have the interest.


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