Into the Darkness

Dear veterans of the darkness,

I know your heart is heavy, your body is sick, your soul is tired, your relationships are hurting, and your finances are low. You have been mistreated and misread by the world. A world you came to help and heal. A world you swore to love and protect no matter the cost. But the price has been too high and more than you can bear. The power you once had has dimmed as you’ve watched fame, money, lies, beauty, and power gain the center of attention. The physical world is chaotic, and the spiritual world is in jeopardy. Humans are disconnecting from their true nature and the divine consciousness at such a fast pace we can no longer keep up. Our armor is weakening, and their evil ways pull us from our most authentic form of power, the Creator.

Sadly, as long as they choose their evil ways, all humans will be punished and tormented for their decisions. It is time to end the torture and start healing. We must stand up and fight against those that wish to push segregation, war, hate, poverty, control, addiction, and their false narrative onto us. This behavior serves no one, not even themselves.
We can no longer live like this. Watching the seduction of the lies be called the truth. It is our turn to tell our stories and show the world who we are and what we can do. We are the true warriors of light, the chosen ones, and our silence is as deadly as the evil we wish to dissolve.

We, the chosen ones, didn’t learn the ways of light through classes, books, or the teachings of others. We discovered it through our own experiences, pain, and suffering. We are the ones who have been taking the blows, learning from the mistakes of humanity, and daring to ask the questions others were afraid to ask. We didn’t do this out of spite; we did it out of love. We were born with the responsibility to be the voice of the voiceless. We were born to go against the grain and show them there is a new way of living. In doing so, we had to see through their eyes and feel through their hearts, allowing us to empathize with their pain and suffering. We had to walk in their shoes and know what it was like to be shamed, criticized, abused, abandoned, and so much more. During that walk, you realized being a true healer doesn’t mean you dance within the light, set intentions, push, pull, or react to energy. Being a healer means searching for those in their darkest places and giving them a place of empathy and compassion.

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Being in the darkness lead you closer to the Creator. There, you realized all the pain and misery that flows through humanity stemmed from the Creator that made us. Like us, its messages and intentions have been twisted, taken out of context, and misunderstood by those it loves. This realization allowed us to empathize with the Creator and acknowledge all things existing within our space-time continuum are direct reflections and particles of God scattered through our Universe, living different experiences, some pleasant, some unbearable.

Many claimed to be Holy and pure, full of light, yet they denied us of ours. While they judged and ran from addictions, pain, depression, mental illnesses, criminals, rapists, thieves, gangs, and the worst of the worst, we, the genuine light holders, ran right to them, ready to bear the pain and the evil they resided in. We knew they were part of the Universal God’s land and loving those stuck in the darkness was a more profound expression of our love for the Creator and what it has witnessed.

Over time, the ghosts and demons disappeared, and a wave of emotions fled as we bore witness to the fact that true evil can’t exist where pure love resides. Entities are nothing but our piled-up fears we have given life. Face those fears and entities that seemed to devour us; we can now embrace them with open hearts and arms, providing them with a place of comfort so they may transfer over to a place of light.

Evil is nothing but a tormented soul living its worst moments of life. It is stuck on repeat, swimming in pain and misery, panic-stricken, bound to the same person, place, thing, and moments of their agony. Saying “in Jesus’s name be gone” does not exorcise or release them from the matter they reside. Instead, it pushes them further into the pain of not being wanted, which is the exact behavior that caused the evil to start. Instead of telling these beings in pain to go to the light, we healers of the darkness sit with them in their torment, encouraging them to yell, scream, cry, take accountability, and responsibly find an outlet for their pain; so they no longer inflict pain upon this world. There will never be a greater torment or enemy, but to allow a soul to be stuck in mind, alone and riddled with shame or fear. Fear is the seed of all “negative” energies. It will enable jealousy, anger, resentment, depression, mental anguish, and emotions to prosper over logic.

You have had to overcome tremendous pain and obstacles for the past year. These moments of pain were a rite of passage, a test of morals, and an examination of faith. While others fought for stardom, you fought to follow the demons into their caves of darkness so that you may banish them from the lands and people. But all of us have fought for so long that we are exhausted, tired, sick, and trying to find the motivation to get up and tell the secrets we have seen in the darkness.

Rest a little longer, my loves. You have done more work than people will ever understand. Your mind, body, and spirit have all passed the test. You deserve the timeout for healing and recovering from what you have witnessed and experienced.

Use this time to reflect and prepare for what is coming. The spiritual war has begun. You have already started to feel the change in the consciousness of the whole. You see the evil growing stronger amongst the mainstream people. Many people are so lost and broken their spirits have disconnected and given up the fight. Their bodies are left vacant for the unliving to take control of their living vessel.

Children of God forget so quickly where they come from; they forget the amount of love and forgiveness available for all. But that love and faith come at a price —the cost of being responsible and living a moral life. That may seem bland to them, as they have not known how to truly live in a symbiotic relationship with the land of the gods. Instead, they chose their evil ways. Each day they are presented with more opportunities to live in the light, yet they disregard, ignore, and abuse it.

Those who have had to fight for our light appreciate it, cherish it, and honor it. We know it doesn’t come for free; it must be earned. That’s why we dwell in the darkness, fight to do the right thing, listen to the spirit, and work on healing our ancestors daily. It’s tiring trying to balance the teeter-totter of good and evil. Where is the line? Who sets the boundaries? And why is being bad so darn easy?

I’ll tell you why! Because the demons don’t hunt those already stuck in their evil ways. No, it tries to take down the good people. Evil causes distractions to lure in the “negative” thoughts so that it may turn them against the Creator and their true self. Yes, those glorified in the artificial lights appear to have it good on this Earth, but what price did their soul pay to have those luxuries? The choices we make in this lifetime have repercussions for all eternity. Ignorance is not an excuse anymore. All the proof we need to prove the “Creator” exists already remains in view for all to see. It is in our religion, science, spirituality, mathematics, art, history, and every facet of life. If others choose to deny it, that is no longer our problem. Let them live in disconnect; we have bigger fish to fry. We can’t keep putting our energy into those that want to live in lower frequencies. Many of us are ready to align and take action to protect and serve one another, knowing there is no separation between us.

Creator, Mother Nature, the Universe, and all living things feel the toxicity overgrowing around us. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and angry. People are mining, trashing, and abusing the very Mother we all depend on to support and heal us. Her gifts of water, land, fire, and air are priceless, yet we have to pay for them; why? Because we took the power of Mother and put it into the hands of men who disrespect what the Creator has gifted us. Our Universe is offset by technology, lights, and the junk we keep throwing into space. People are losing faith in the Creator and casting more hate than ever. All things trying to heal are tired, worn out, and not wanting to connect to the things destroying them.

Let them continue to distract themselves and believe the lies. We know better. That is not our concern right now, that is our distraction, and the more we play their games, the less energy we will have for the actual fight. It starts on January 29th, 2023. I am not sure why that is the date chosen, but I know spirit has told me to tell you to rest until then. The sickness and the lack of energy you are feeling is a way to slow down people like you who have been in survival mode; those that don’t know how to sit still or stop working. Even in our sleep, we worked on improving this world.

Now we don’t dream as much as we rejuvenate. Get used to the comfort of not having to look over your shoulder. It feels unnatural, but it is time to rest. You no longer must prove yourself; you have been seen, validated, and heard. As of February, next year, karma will start going to its rightful owners. Both good and evil, karma will be served. Your energy, visions, and faith will be restored. Spirit will be called to work in teams and oneness, no longer fighting alone.

Protection will be needed when evil is served karma, as they will try to blame us or take us down. But the peace we find in ourselves these next few months will benefit us in the future. They will no longer have the power to take what we have earned and been gifted.
As of now, focus your energy on healing yourself, Mother Nature, and the Creator. The more backup they have now, the more they will share with us when we join them on this journey.

Until then, rest, and enjoy your “time off” while you prepare to come out next year.


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Melissa is the one-of-a-kind associative thinker who can visibly see and feel energy. In 1979 she was born a healer, but she didn’t start her journey until 2006, when she became an LPN. She practiced several fields to include Behavioral Health, TCU, Alzheimer’s, Mental Health, Senior Care, and Chemical Dependency. While working for Hazelden, she was called to do a different type of healing. Through meditation, prayer, and the guidance of her Angels and teachers, Melissa was taught how to do faith healing. She furthered her training in energy healing with schooling. In 2012 she started the study of Reiki. In 2015 she became a Reiki Master and Teacher. From there, she went on to train in the arts of Qigong, Kundalini, Shamanism, DNA healings, genetic modification, source coding, spiritual counseling, and quantum and frequency healing and has had the privilege to work with native healers. Currently, she holds 24 healing modalities. In 2015 Melissa opened the doors to her business, Euphoric Source, which has received many awards. In 2016 Melissa was one of the 30 people in the United States asked to speak at the National Symposium for Holistic Arts Practitioners held at Harvard University. From 2016-2018 she hosted her own radio show called Euphoria Radio, where she began to learn how to communicate with people about her abilities. Soon after that Melissa was on Local Insider TV for being one of the most effective healers in the state of Minnesota. From 2017-2019 she was busy working in many temples, hosting ceremonies and spiritual events. Currently, Melissa is healing, teaching, advising, hosting spiritual events, writing her books, doing a documentary, running her business and science lab, being a mom and wife, and living life to the fullest. More information at



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