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When you ask Vanessa and Andrew what drives their business, they will tell you that it is the exigent call to live up to their former teacher, Ty’s legacy. His authentically selfless approach to being of service continues to be the most inspiring factor within their work.

Ty sadly and unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. With his passing, he left a message specifically for Vanessa and Andrew through his partner, Nora. His last wishes for Vanessa and Andrew were to carry out what he had begun and continue his work. Vanessa and Andrew were to be his protégé’s in remembrance of him and his love for humanity.

True Quantum Holistic – A Different Type of Healing

Vanessa and Andrew have been True Quantum Healing practitioners for over 4 years. Ty’s passing burned within them a fundamental desire to do what they could to help more people. With that, Vanessa and Andrew became fully dedicated to commemorating their dear friend, Ty through their service. They are refreshingly grounded force within the spiritual community that harbor a unique set of skills. The services that they offer are not like your everyday energy healing. Vanessa and Andrew practice “True Quantum Healing” which is an accurate dowsing system that was created by Chris Kehler. This system incorporates extremely high-resonate energy healing tools, hand-made orgonite (created by Ty and Nora), orgonite pendulums, dowsing charts, true source energies, intent and commands. They can accurately locate a problem or undesirable energy, choose the correct intent to successfully remove it and then replace it with healing source energies. They do not practice “channeling” or working with deities, ascended masters or anything else related. This specific healing modality uses true source energy only, which yields the best possible healing outcomes. Their work has seen numerous accounts of remarkable results; for example, a former client who came to them with an initial complaint of hypothyroidism and experienced a complete healing and turn for the best within 7 short sessions. They have the unique ability to provide the necessary source-guided healing and let the results speak for themselves. Their method can be used to treat all physical health issues, spiritual issues, emotional issues, mental issues and everything else in between!

They also offer sessions specifically tailored to help train those who are interested in learning the True Quantum Healing system. Other offerings include soul retrieval sessions and initial consultation sessions. You can read more about their services here

Alternative Healing with Authentic Source Quality

Vanessa and Andrew would be more than happy to connect and answer any questions you may have. They can be reached on the web at, by email at [email protected] or by text at (423) 445-0077.

Start your healing journey with these two well-versed healers today!


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