Pleiadian Message for November 2022


Beloved ones we greet you,

There are vast changes taking place within your planet that will have a direct impact on your entire energetic and physical systems. Waves of change are flowing across your earth plane, which directly arise from the dynamic shifts that take place in the rotation of the Earth. Your Earth is completing more than one full rotation cycle in every 24 hours period. Simultaneously the Magnetic Core within the Earth has begun to accelerate its frequency pulse, that is moving outwards across the planet and beyond. This frequency pulse has been building and continues expanding while the Earth’s rotation shifts its momentum more fully.

The Magnetic Core is transmitting through a different energetic ratio, working through an entirely different multidimensional framework system. These changes are enabling a functioning partnership to develop within the higher Universal patterns that have remained stable and constant over eons. Earth has begun to interact through this shifted energetic orientation. Your planet is undergoing a complete energetic resurrection and for the first time in history is establishing itself within a different hierarchy of the Universe. This is a destined process for the Earth and all inhabitants.

At this juncture the Earth’s powerful transmutation is creating the potential for each one of you to be launched on another level into a next phase of awakening. This is your time for a rapid reset. As you are moved closer to 2023 there is an electrical quickening to take place within your systems, this is different than any other time in the history of Earth. You are pre-destined to undergo a huge shift in perceptions of your inner sacred makeup. Those awake are to become more established and realigned to the sacred essence of Self.

During this stage of realignment to your sacred systems you are destined to have a resurgence of your sacred intelligence which has been lying dormant. There is to be an activation your Pineal, nervous systems and brain synapses. As your inner intelligence is awakened you are enabled to remember with clarity your full existence as a higher being of light and to begin to utilize your sacred intelligence to fulfill your purpose. This process is a natural returning.

What is required from you now is the willingness to let go of the old patterns of your human self and allow a resurrection of your systems within your physical body. As you open to this process your entire physical body begins to naturally manifest into an expanded electrical frequency that allows you to house the sacred light of your higher intelligence, your Higher Self.

Through bringing about a change in one thought pattern, you can begin to embrace these frequency changes within your cells. You can create these changes in your thought patterns by moving your consciousness, your awareness outwards into nature and let go, being in stillness. For example, by holding your awareness on the wind blowing in the trees, watching the sunrise, connecting to the sun shining on the lake, focusing on the reflections on the water, the shadows created on the ground, bird song, the sound of the wind, the sound of rain, the night sky, the moon… there are any number of natural free experiences available at any moment.

Place your awareness into these sacred moments, it requires only one moment of you to focus on nature for you to align into an imprint that the natural forces contain. As these imprints forge an alignment through you there is an automatic shift within your thought pattern. You then take a Conscious breath into the experience, which allows this frequency change within your systems to open. Any one of these imprint patterns from nature can begin to recreate your thought patterns, bringing you into a higher resonance balance to the light while instantaneously anchoring your essence of the sacred within.

discover positive spirituality hidden in your lifeImage by Udo Reitter from Pixabay

Your time on the earth plane has never been about you achieving human perfection. Rather it has been a time for you to be aware of the sacred component of yourself that has always exists within you, while simultaneously having a human experience. Each time you choose to open to the truth of the simultaneous expression of both your humanity and sacred nature being present, a healing is automatically created within you. As you simply hold that truth and take a Conscious breath you shift lifetimes of being in the same cycle of limitation and self-sabotage. This is your time to move through the veils of illusion and claim moments of being in alignment to truth, the sacred truth of yourself. This is your time to shift the old perceptions of limitation within.

The words, ‘I AM’ activate this truth through the cells of your body. These words support you in bringing back a cognitive re-alignment of the sacred component of self that exists fully intact just beyond the veils.

Over this next phase of time, one calendar year, there will be many changes within you and on the Earth. There will be openings, awakenings taking place within your consciousness. This upcoming next phase is all about you returning to your original state of consciously being. Through this rapid reset you will be returning to a state of living that holds the sacred consciousness of yourself within your life, while your humanity opens into a more complete state of being able to live in peace with itself.

Those of you in human bodies who are on an awakened path have made pre agreements to set in motion the energetic purpose of your mission on Earth. These alignments created by the expansive transmission activating through to you from the Magnetic Core are designed to stabilize you in your abilities of reconnection to the sacred aspect of yourself and reposition you beyond the veils. These awakenings are fully dependent on you taking an action now to resurrect and enliven the sacred component of yourself to participate fully.

As you open into your own unique consciousness you automatically create a higher network of connection with each other. As you build these sacred connections you build sacred community structures that are destined to shift the Earth’s consciousness frequency, which will reach out and impact all mankind.

A call has gone out to all of you who have a specific pre agreement to be involved in this higher resonance phase of merging. As you actively take your place in the circle you begin another level of self-realization, self-actualizing of your Heart, moving into a higher multidimensional level of your light than previously experienced.

These higher consciousness spaces will enable you as an individual and within a community setting to play out your individual role fully as a member of community. Through your unique frequency light contributing to the forming of this sacred Heart network, your place within the group will expand. You will find that as you activate this Heart process together there will be a strong bond forged between you to support your group within your human experiences. There will be a greater acceptance of each other of your human vulnerabilities, less separation and judgment. This changing process is part of an essential shift within your consciousness that is required for the building of healthy communities.

The new Community process begins to be constructed as two or more people come together with a conscious purpose of creating moments of birthing a Heart unity frequency between them. This conscious action of Heart communion sets in motion the birthing of a sacred network constructed by the pure Heart light frequency held between the participating Hearts.

Community Process to Activate the Sacred Network:

All participants need to be seated in a circle. You need a minimum of 6 chairs or positions marked to create your circle. For example: If you have two people that make up your group, you will sit opposite each other in a circle of 6 chairs.

  1. Align to your Heart space, holding both palms physically on your upper chest. Close your eyes and feel the warmth or pressure of your hands on your Heart space.
  2. Take a conscious breath and place it like a soft wind into your Heart space that you see sense or feel. The Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and release out of the mouth. Do this 3 times.
  3. Open your awareness into your Heart space that is opening, whether this opening is subtle or strong, see sense or feel the essence of the opening. Place one more Conscious breath into the space that is there. Choose to let go into that space you are experiencing.
  4. From your Heart space move your awareness from your Heart into the center of the circle. Keep your eyes closed. As you do this your Heart energy moves with your awareness into the center of the circle.
  5. Take a Conscious breath right into the center of the circle where you find yourself. Whether you see sense or feel the opening in the center of the circle, you may feel as though the opening is large, fluid or color. Choose to let go into your experience.
  6. Bring your sacred sound into the circle, AEN SAHNNN…feel see or sense how you are being received here within the space. See sense or feel a spiral like movement opening into the space.
  7. Place your sound, AEN SAHNNN… where you find yourself, take a conscious breath and let go…
  8. Bring your awareness slowly back to where you are holding your Heart space, enter you Heart, take a Conscious breath and place it like a soft wind within your Heart. Place the sacred sound, AEN SAHNNN…  Bring the sound 3 times within your heart space that you see sense or feel.
  9. Move your awareness back into the central space of your circle. As you do this another level of your Heart space flows and blends into the central space. Feel see or sense a weaving of your joint Heart light strands interweaving within the central space of the circle. Place your sound, AEN SAHNNN… within the weaving that you see sense or feel.
  10. Move with your experience, take a Conscious breath into whatever essence you see sense or feel within the central space of the circle. Place your sound, AEN SAHNNN… once more.
  11. When the process of the energy feels complete for now, slowly bring your awareness from the central place of the circle back to your Heart. Take the time to align deeply within your own Heart space.

Know that you need to work with this process to continue to allow a further building of this network at least once a week.

You collectively as a group are destined to fulfill this purpose by forging this sacred network of your Hearts. This action by your community group births a pure blueprint frequency pathway designed for other community networks throughout the world to follow.

This is a glorious time of you choosing to enter this next phase of purpose, each one of you fully contributing through your own unique blueprint of light consciousness that you carry within your Heart. You each hold an aspect of this blueprint within every cell of your Heart space.

Let go and allow the waves of life to reposition you where you need to be now, today, in this moment. Allow these moments to build, to move you into a redefinition of yourself on a multidimensional level within your Heart.

We witness you.

The Pleiadians


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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit



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