Remedy for Times of Great Life Transition


How does it make you feel when you think of the word transition? Do you bristle and tense up at the thought of it or are you someone who welcomes transitions with an open heart? I know most of us fall into feeling the former and wishing we were the latter!

It’s natural that we feel this way about transition and change as humans. We seem to naturally shy away from actively choosing to go through a transition until we meet a breaking point. It’s a collective program that so many of us have come to Earth School to work through. A lot of us, myself included, can ignore the obvious signs of needing a change until we’re forced to jump. It can feel overwhelming, uncomfortable, and downright heartbreaking at times!

Just think of the past two and a half years for example, our soul collective and our Earthly word was definitely forced into a transition and change cycle. Are we still in it? You betcha, but I think many of us now can see some benefits of these “forced” changes as we come out on the other side. This of course doesn’t mean it is easy!

What if there was a way to make transition and change feel a bit more manageable? Like you could feel safe as you emerge out of your cocoon?

I love using flower essences for times like these.

So you’re wondering… what exactly are flower essences?

Flower Essences are liquid extracts of highly dilute flower blossoms that are taken orally, which address both acute and long-standing issues of emotional wellbeing, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, and similar quantum modalities.

Although flowers have been used for healing for many centuries, flower essences in their modern form were first developed in the 1930s by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach. He prepared 38 remedies, mostly from English wildflowers. I will be sharing one of his remedies today that assists in times of change, transition, and death.

The flower essence that is most often used during times of transition and change is walnut. Just observing a walnut can offer you insight into the qualities that it imbues. You see a protective outer shell covering a soft interior. Use this image for mental, spiritual, and physical complaints that may be coming up. It helps to know that you have a protective layer that is there simply to make sure you’re going to be OK. It doesn’t take away the learning of any soul lessons but simply allows you to be at peace with your personal transitions and changes.

Walnut is a wonderful flower essence ally during times when someone may be experiencing:

  • The death of a loved one
  • Changing careers
  • Moving
  • Divorce
  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Menopause
  • A Mid-Life Crisis
  • Retirement
  • Puberty
  • Profound soul evolution
  • When we’re overly influenced by the opinions, beliefs & values of others

As you can see, walnut is an important remedy for times of great life transitions. During these moments, walnut helps us move forward with ease and embrace change in our lives. It is useful in times where we must be completely and irrevocably transformed in order to evolve.

Walnut also dives deep into your field to help untie any illusions, enchantments, spells, or bonds that may bind you to the past.

Finally, walnut is a wonderful remedy for pioneers, inventors, and explorers. It offers them the inner determination to carry their dreams out despite any adverse circumstances or opinions. We all could use some of that goodness, right?

Using walnut flower essence, or any flower essence, won’t necessarily take all the pain away from experiencing change and transition, but it will help you feel more balanced, safe, secure, and confident.

Does walnut flower essence sound like something you’re drawn to? You can find Bach’s 38 Flower Essences at most co-ops or on your favorite online health store.

If you are interested in learning more about Flower Essences, I encourage you to set up a time to chat with me about this gentle yet profound healing modality. I am a certified Flower Essence Practitioner who will consult with you about a custom flower essence blend. There are many different remedies that assist with anxiety, over-thinking, insomnia, irritability, depression, perfectionism, and more. They are a gentle, non-invasive way to begin to bring more wellbeing to your emotional state.


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