Starcodes: November 11-17


Starcodes for the week of November 11–17, 2022

Hit the reset button, were turning a corner and the stars ask us to take a deep breath and then refocus. On Friday we’re encouraged to assess our post-election situation as the Sun squares serious Saturn, deal honestly with our reality, and organize for the next chapter. The weekend asks us to stop and catch up with ourselves, rest and recoup as a tender Cancer Moon trines the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in introspective, sometimes resentful, focused Scorpio. On Monday the Moon shifts into expressive Leo and calls us to reengage the world. Our perspective shifts as the week progresses and Mercury and Venus both leave Scorpio to enter farsighted Sagittarius.

Let’s get inventive, this new chapter may be well outside of our ordinary box (for better or worse). Throughout this winter our temper, ambition, energy level, immune system, all symbolized by the planet Mars, can act unusually, off-kilter or wildly creative. Mars went out of bounds October 23 (a few days before the attack on Mr. Pelosi) and stays out of bounds until May 5, 2023- and retrograde (Oct 31-January 13). Astrologically- the bounds are the band of sky where the Sun traverses between winter solstice and summer solstice. When the planet is north or south of these bounds, whatever it symbolizes doesn’t play by the rules.

Mars in verbal air sign Gemini doesn’t sound very dangerous, does it. We may think of Mars in nervy and verbal Gemini as easier, promoting less physical and more mental actions then other tougher Mars placements, but this Mars can trigger a war of nerves, of words, a war over ideas and concepts. We can think fast but could be in danger of shallow or off-base thinking, a mind on the treadmill or chasing rabbits. It will be up to us to harness this energized Mars and add steadiness, logic, and heart. Then this Mars can help us investigate new ambitions and express ourselves lyrically.

This Mars can wind up our nerves up, but also give us some great imaginative approaches to what we do next. So turn that imagination forward and consider all positive possibilities.

As the week progresses and Venus and Mercury head into traveling, outspoken Sagittarius, we may want to just escape, or this shift can free up something within us and help us bring a spacious honesty to our world. This Sagittarian honesty can be and antidote to Gemini and help us see the big picture. Gemini tends to think locally, and Sagittarian more globally- we need to see both. This Sagittarian quality can also helps us find our sense of humor and turn towards the holidays with a twinkle in our eye. This may be a nontraditional set of holidays on the horizon; it’s been a long year and we need a fresh view, grounded but not laden down by old patterns. Holidays that could bring real gratitude to our hearts.

Image by Štefan Štefančík from Unsplash

Friday, November 11: Morning is heavy but potentially productive as the Sun squares Saturn; be the grown-up. It is easy to take our discomfort out on others or look for a someone to blame as Venus quincunx Mars, but this disempowers all involved. We have work to, responsibilities to assume, and will feel better once we’re engaged. Later on, we notice a deep sense of tiredness- either of soul or body-take an opportunity chance to turn towards safety, comfort, and refill the wells as the Moon enters deep-feeling Cancer tonight.

Sun squares Saturn 1:03 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:02 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 6:34 AM, Venus quincunx Mars 2:06 PM, Moon square Jupiter 3:28 PM, Moon enters Cancer 5:22 PM.

Saturday, November 12: Just feel. Emotions, intuition, magic, and imagination overflow our boundaries as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all trine Neptune under a watery Cancer Moon. The magical realm is close, but our hopes and fears can rattle between relationships and distort our understanding. Take care of personal business and take responsibility for finding one’s own center and then the magic happens. Consider some form of personal divination, clues on what to look forward to. Stay self- responsible and offer undemanding cozy comfort to one another. Spiritual practice furthers.

Mercury trine Neptune 11:35 AM.

Sunday, November 13: Early morning irritations soften quickly but our moods could intensify. Work with that river of feeling but don’t let it run the show; notice the feelings but rein in the imagination- because we can imagine the very best in the very worst. We could read into a minor cranky comment some terrible predictions about the future of our relationship when the person is just stubbed their toe. Don’t play with feelings as possessiveness, jealousy and resentment can flood us, but so can compassion and appreciation as Venus sextiles Pluto. Look for some objective bedrock as the Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio and take that imagination to a good place. A gentle new awareness is there for those that look.

Venus sextile Pluto 2:40 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:58 AM, Mercury quincunx Mars 8:46 AM, Moon trine son 12:22 PM, Moon trine Neptune 3:08 PM, Moon trine Mercury 7:24 PM, Moon opposes Pluto 10:34 PM.

Monday, November 14: Our hearts warm up, we can accept some hard truth then turn the corner, extend ourselves and reengage many things that were put on hold before the election as the Moon trines Venus and Jupiter then enters expressive Leo. Arrogance can be our response to a formally discouraging situation, so give people little room for attitude today. Take this hidden strand of optimism and use it to vision the next steps as the Sun trines Neptune.  With a little work, we can find a missing item or answer as Mercury sextiles Pluto.

Moon trine Venus 12:54 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 3:40 AM, Moon enters Leo 5:47 AM, Mercury sextile Pluto 7:27 PM, Sun trine Neptune 8:43 PM.

Tuesday, November 15: Some will clutch at others and expect them to solve their problems as the Sun quincunx Mars, but this will not further. Don’t attach to little irritations that show up in relationship exchanges, notice that our energy may be running on SKU lines but that doesn’t point to a lack of love. Stay proactive and self-responsible, pour those extra emotions into creative process and make this day magical. Tonight, honesty feels easier, but we’ll feel less willing to be trapped and more open to possibilities as Venus enters Sagittarius. Look at any sudden desire to take the geographic cure, consider a short break versus major relocation.

Venus trine Jupiter 2:35 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:23 PM, Sun quincunx Mars 6:06 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 8:17 PM, Venus enters Sagittarius 11:08 PM.

Wednesday, November 16: Maybe we begin to feel the holiday spirit, think about travelling, or become newly aware of global politics. Speak the truth but make it specific rather than overgeneralized; hate a habit, not a person. Something frees up in the heart, we grow restless and curious. Where we feel trapped it’s time to negotiate for more room. It may be hard to do today’s work because we get easily distracted and want to look ahead, but our souls need hope. Tonight avoid delicate subjects and sensitive people, our minds can get very busy, picky, and potentially cranky as the Moon enters Virgo. It furthers to take nurturing food and a chance to unwind the nerves.

Moon sextile Mars 5:11 AM, Moon square Sun 6:27 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 8:43 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:55 PM, Moon enters Virgo 6:03 PM, Moon square Venus 8:14 PM.

Thursday, November 17: Mercury joins Venus in Sagittarius, the Sun follows in a few days and it’s time to start a new chapter. This Sagittarius energy can give us hope, but also make us restless and nervous, Look to the future, the Virgo Moon loans us a healthy work ethic, but it also instills anticipatory fear, consciously think about joyful expansion and take a step forward. It can be easy to forget those nearest so check in with beloveds and offer encouragement.

Mercury enters Sagittarius 1:41 AM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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