The Akashic Records: An Introduction


A common question I get asked a lot is, “What are the Akashic Records?” It seems like a simple question but the answer can involve many levels and layers. The Akashic Records have been called many names. Among them are “The Records”, “The Hall of Records” or “Book of Life”. Many esoteric teachers use different metaphors or aspects to describe the Akashic Records such as a library or libraries, the world wide web, Google search engine, a computer program, frequency and energy, among others. In truth, it is probably a combination of all of them or a little bit of each one at any given time. In this article, I will explore one aspect.

At the most basic level, the Akashic Records can be understood as the “Book of Life”, a phrase that has been around for ages. It is spoken of, and written about, in all major religious traditions – Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others.

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You are a spiritual being (having a soul first) having a physical experience (incarnated being) on Earth. As a soul, you have a “Book” that is specific and unique to you. This book records all the words, thoughts, actions, desires, and emotions of each and every incarnation you experienced. You can think of this Book as a personal diary of all your incarnated journey here on Earth. Just like a diary, you can go back and reread experiences of the past, relive the emotions and experiences, or try to understand why you took certain actions or have certain desires. When you access your Records, you are essentially opening up your diary and rereading it.

Now, a book has many chapters. This is true with your Records as well. You can think of your soul as the clothesline and your many incarnations as the clothes hanging on the clothesline.

One of the unique attributes about being a human is that we are multi-faceted and wear many hats. At any given moment, we can be a mother, a daughter, a wife, a niece, an aunt, a grandmother, a student, or a lawyer. Your “Records” is also muti-faceted as well. It has records of your past lives, your family history, your ancestral history (such as your race or cultural history), your talents and fears, your relationships, your strengths and weaknesses, and your skill sets, to name a few.

You have the ability to access or connect with your Records anytime you want. After all, it is your Records! However, most people don’t know they can do it or don’t know how to do it. In our session, I use a special prayer using your current legal name to access your Records. Using your current legal name allows a more precise and faster access. Think of it like searching Google for “red corvette” versus “1979 Red L82 Corvette T Top”. Your current legal name is like “1979 Red L82 Corvette T Top”.

So, you ask, if I have the ability to access my Records anytime, why isn’t more people doing it and what is the benefit for me to access it? Those are great questions! Nikola Tesla says that everything is energy and frequency. Not a lot of people access it because they don’t understand it. Most of us live in the five senses – smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight. The Records reside beyond the five senses. Some people call it the spiritual realm, astral realm, or the etheric realm. In order for one to access the Records, one needs to be spiritually awake and aware that he/she is a spiritual being living in a physical body.

Another way to think about it is that the Records reside in the 5th dimension or higher frequency. We live in the 3rd dimensional Earth, which is very heavy and dense. 5th dimensional realm is lighter, less dense, and less heavy. That is one reason why in the olden days only highly spiritual mystics and saints can access the Akashic Records because from an energy or frequency point of view, they are highly in tuned to the spiritual realm.

So, what has changed that allows ordinary people to have access to the Records today? For one, the Great Awakening that is happening right now. More and more people are awakening to the idea that they are a spiritual being and long to find out more about what it means to be spiritual. They are more drawn to spiritual ideas such as morality, love for others, spiritual development, etc. as opposed to materialistic desires such as big houses, luxury cars, or the latest fashion fad.

How can the Records benefit you? Well, when we were born, we are not allowed to remember where we come from or what our mission is here on Earth (Yes! You have a mission!). Some people might remember. But, that is not the norm. Those who remember might remember bits and pieces of it. Not remembering is one of the requirements for our incarnation here. Accessing your Records allows you a small glimpse of that memory.

Exploring your Records depends on your questions. Some common questions people ask are:

  • What is my mission here?
  • Why do I always date such and such type of guys or gals?
  • Why does my kid get on my nerves or why can’t we get along?
  • Why is my husband/wife and I together?
  • Is there a lesson here I’m supposed to learn or a lesson I’m not understanding?
  • What is one of the past lives like and what does that have to do with this incarnation?
  • I am experiencing the effects of a shared collective cultural experience (ie., WWII, Holocaust, 9/11, etc.). How can I heal from it?
  • I don’t like my current job. What can I do to change it?
  • I have an intense phobia to such and such. Why do I have it and how can I break it?
  • Why am I stuck in a rut?

As you can see, the questions above are very personal. The Records can help explore some of the answers you seek. Best questions to ask in the Records are whatwhy or how questions.

Another common question I get about the Akashic Records is “How do I know that the Records are not evil?” First of all, the Akashic Records exist in the frequency of light. Light dispels darkness. When you focus on bringing in the Light (in this case, Divine Light), the darkness has no choice but to go away. It is like turning on the light switch when you walk into a pitch dark room. The light simply permeates the whole space, leaving no room for the darkness.

Second, in the Records, there are Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones (MTLO for short). There are other non-physical beings as well but we’ll talk about that in later articles. The Masters are your score keepers of sorts. According to Linda Howe, author of How to Read the Akashic Records, the Masters are a group of Light Beings. They have never had a physical body. They are pure energy. The Masters are responsible for your soul’s journey in different incarnations and the lessons the soul is supposed to learn. They coordinate with your spiritual teachers, your earthly teachers, and your loved ones to help you through your life’s journey. Because the Masters have never been in a physical body, their focus is purely on your growth and development from a soul’s point of view.

The Teachers are the spiritual and earthly teachers assigned to your soul. According to esoteric studies, each of us has one main spiritual teacher that is assigned to us through all our incarnations. Most of us will never know who this teacher is but this teacher is a super spiritually evolved soul. This main spiritual teacher coordinates with the Masters, your Higher Soul, and other spiritual teachers (both physical and non-physical) to coordinate the lessons you are meant to learn in each of your incarnations. Some teachers stay with us for a long time, some stay with us for a brief period of time depending on the lessons we are meant to learn. This applies to both positive experiences and negative experiences in a teacher.

Finally, we have the Loved Ones. These are people you know who have passed on. They include but are not limited to: your family (parents, grandparents, extended families, etc.), people in your workplace (co-workers, boss, etc.), friends, acquaintances, or pets. After they passed on and transitioned to the other side, they have decided to commit to your soul’s growth and evolution. It is important to note that they are here as a support system, not as a mediumship capacity. They usually do not show up in your Records. However, once in a while they might show up to support you in a particular lesson. Their main mission is to be a support system for your soul’s growth.

As you can see, you have an entourage of support in your Records that gives it a special meaning to “you are never alone”, doesn’t it?  We are so accustomed to letting others tell us what we should do and giving our powers away, the Records remind us that our powers are within ourselves. All the answers that we need can be found within. We just need to learn to tap into the vast experience and knowledge of our “inner entourage” to guide us through this earthly life.

So, where do angels, saints, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, etc. fit into the Akashic Records? Angels, saints, Ascended Masters, and spirit guides all have specific assignments at any given time. Their assignments may or may not involve a particular soul’s growth and evolution. Their assignments encompass a broader mission. For example, the person we know as Jesus in the Bible has been assigned to elevate the consciousness of humanity. Therefore, his involvement with growth and evolution encompasses all souls on the planet. Similarly, St. Francis of Assisi has been assigned as the protector of the animal kingdom (among other assignments). Just because these Great Beings are busy with their own assignments, that doesn’t mean that we cannot call on them for assistance. They can also be our advisor and guide if we need them.

Another common question I get regarding the Records is “What is the difference between psychic readings and Akashic Records readings?” I have noticed that since 2020, more and more people are awakening to their spiritual self and questioning their basic belief systems. Most people seek out a psychic reader for guidance and advice. There is nothing wrong with that. We all need a little external guidance once in a while. In my experience, Akashic Records readings are a little different. You may have the same question for the psychic and the Akashic Records reader but you will get very different answers. The psychic might say “this and this will happen” or “you should do this and this. The Akashic Records reader, being guided by your MTLOs, will explore why you are asking this particular question or what are your options if you were to take action. Your MTLO empowers you to make your own decision, come to your own conclusion, and be an active participant to your growth and development both as a person and as a soul. In the beginning, this might be frustrating for some, especially for those who are used to being directed to certain actions. However, in the long run, the Records help you see whatever question you are asking from a 40,000-foot point of view.

Now that we have a basic idea of what the Akashic Records are, we can explore them a bit deeper in our next article. Understanding the Akashic Records is like peeling an onion. There are many layers to the Records. As you peel the layers of the Records, there is no end to understanding and appreciating how intimate the Records can be to our soul’s growth and evolution.

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Christina NG
A health crisis in 2014 activated Christina’s spiritual awakening and sparked her interest in exploring alternative medicine and other healing modalities such as energy healing, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Angel healing, Angelology, quantum healing, quantum technologies, shamanism, Akashic Records, sound healing, crystal healing, esoteric topics and other related subjects. The health crisis also sparked her interest in healthy living, off-grid living, alternative energy/technology, permaculture, and other related subjects. Akashic Records readings connect you to your Higher Soul in a vibrational dimension. It helps you look at your current life in a soul perspective. It also helps you understand your current life patterns, how to break them and heal from them. Reading sessions are guided by your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones in a loving and safe environment.


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