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Hello friends!

I hope you’re able to carve out some rest, hibernation, and rejuvenation time this winter season – for we Northern Hemisphere folx. Although a similar action holds true for our Southern Hemisphere friends, though y’all have more sun and warmth!

Both benefit from staving off burn out by prioritizing wellness, even when that means saying “no” to things we like doing – like Card of the Week.

If I can, I might send our fine stewards of The Edge, Steve and Kelly, some fun things to put up over the next two weeks… we’ll see how things flow…

I remember a piece of advice given to me by Chrisse Roccaro years ago… prioritize your circle of friends. Have a standing arrangement – Tuesday happy hours, Sunday dinners – whatever it is, and hold it holy.

When you’re asked for your conflicts – a normal scheduling ask, especially when starting a new job – include those!

“I have a standing Tuesday night commitment” was her wording recommendation.

I can’t say I have always taken her advice, but I can say, now that I have my own Tuesday night regular circle of friends gathering, I’m healthier. I look forward to the shows that can have matinee club, and inquire about them so I can join and prioritize them, like I did today.

I’m glad to see practices like these being normalized as well. I see the US becoming less work-a-holic which is soooo good – at least in my circles. How about yours?

Today, my new Divine Muses Oracle called out to share.

Given the holidays, and where my mental musings are, the question coming up is,

What will help prioritize self care this week?

We are given:
Solar Feminine
Oooooh…. she’s fierce!

solar feminine tarot card of the week

Whether cis or trans, male, female, non-binary, two-spirit, we all have feminine energy.

And it may be fiery! Fierce! Life affirming.

Solar energy is typically masculine, so this card also is a merging of the worlds in some ways.

I’m not exactly sure what the purple splashes in the background are, but I see a dragon head in the one above the ankh.

In terms of self care, one thing coming up is getting out into the Sun. Soaking up some Vitamin D – or taking supplements if they will help your body.

Standard disclaimer – I am not any sort of medical professional. Always seek professional advice with any questions or concerns.

I only – in these circumstances – recommend things I have done or taken, myself. Of course, your body is different, so please do what is right for you.

Protect your life-force energy. Hold good boundaries. No work after certain hours.

Let’s see what Maree shares in the book…

Keywords: Articulate. Brave. Leadership. Brilliance.

Maybe it will feel brave to hold firm family commitments over work.

Maybe you’ll be asked to articulate language that is and is not acceptable at a holiday table with the proverbial problem uncle.

Maybe you’ll lead by example.

“You are in a position to guide, organize, or lead something.”

As we are specifically looking at self care, when we share how we are taking care of ourselves – holding days off sacred, getting lots of sleep, making really good home cooked meals, prioritizing friends or alone time – others notice. Especially when we share our choices.

Others may follow suit because they have now, inadvertently or blatantly, been given permission to do the same. They have an example of someone not conforming to capitalist consumerist programming. Someone saying no to being overworked, underpaid, undervalued.

Your time and life force energy are valuable! Treat them as such!

And with that, I’m going to go to bed early, luxuriating in having a big bed all to myself for a while, and am looking forward to taking two weeks off to enjoy my family coming up to visit.

What action are you going to take emboldened by the Solar Feminine?

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