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Over the Hump by Kate Mura of Group Tarot

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Is further over the hump than usual!

For two main reasons; first the fun one!

I may or may not enjoy telling stories at Mrs. Claus for children of all ages this time of year. Which happen at my normal Card of the Week times. Next week will be similarly tardy.

The second – and much less fun reason – is rats.

And not the Nutcracker fun dance fighting rats and soldiers kind of way.

In the, roof rats found their way through our walls into a main kitchen cupboard kind of way.

We’re handling it as well as we can in the circumstances, but roof rats are still rats and disease carriers, even though they also deserve a lovely home full of tasty food.

I just do not want to co-habitate with them inside mine.

I created a blessing when finishing a very problematic relationship, may you have a life full of love, far the f*** away from me.

I wish this same blessing to the roof rats and hope it is as successful as it was nine years ago! So far so good! *fingers crossed, knock on wood that the two we’ve caught are the only ones!*

With all this, I’m feeling called for some gentleness in all our lives.

I am not alone in having a rough week, friends have lost pets, family, gotten sick, lost voices…

Which have also created opportunities for beautiful communities coming together and mutual aid. Sharing of herbal remedies and food, long visits and good conversations. People asking for what they need physically, emotionally, spiritually, and receiving support.

In times like these, I love returning to Arwen Lynch Poe and Dan May’s Gentle Creatures Wisdom Deck.

We are given:

I feel like we’ve been given the inner monologue of the roof rats!
Or my fear of what I’ll need to do…

And I will not project my situation onto you, dear reader! That is not the work of a tarot reader.

I’m drawn to the creature’s right hand, and the roots that are flying like hair in the wind.

Obviously, the flower patch they’re kneeling in is very full and it will help everyone to make a little space, but it doesn’t change the fact that being the one uprooted and asked/forced to live somewhere else, can be hard.

Will the soil be as nice?

Will the company be as bright?

Will there be enough water?

Will replanting happen at the right time? Winter – for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere – isn’t known for being a good planting season. So can the plant be kept alive indoors until it can safely be replanted?

The creators intentions behind this card include the creature choosing to move and choosing to bring these roots, these plants, along with on the journey. So they can plant a piece of their former home in their new home.

If you are contemplating a move – of life or of work – think about what you want to bring with you, and why. If it won’t help you ground more deeply into yourself and your new place, do you really need to carry it with you?

As Arwen writes,
“being uprooted isn’t the worst thing in the world. Sometimes you are being given the opportunity to spread out in new ways.”

Go somewhere you can take up space, in a healthy, symbiotic, way. Or dive into your genealogy. Where are your ancestors from and what uprooted them for you to root wherever you are?

However this manifests for you, may the change do you good.

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Recommended Reading – New to roof rats? I’m glad! If you’re curious to learn more, here you go!

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