Following the Cycle of Death and Rebirth


“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.”
– Voltaire.

The hardest things, the seemingly most impossible things to inwardly release are the things that sometimes magically release themselves. They seem to release in a roundabout way while you least anticipate them to or expect them to. When you finally get so busy and swept away in a new aspect of living or a creative adventure you might be or are unawarely beginning the death/ rebirth cycle. Getting busy with something new is the best way to begin a death rebirth cycle. It’s as if you shed your old skin unwillingly and unconsciously like a snake – you begin to grow and shine in your new and sleek silky self. We shake off old patterns and obsessions, things that have kept us held back and down. We suddenly emerge into new projects, new people, new jobs, new faces and souls, some new and some old and familiar. Sometimes I ask myself… Why didn’t I start this process earlier in life? I feel like I’ve wasted time – so many years held in certain patterns and stuck in ruts. We can’t beat ourselves up and ask why because that will not help us accelerate our death and rebirth. Growth in our death/rebirth cycle awaits us all. It is all a mystery we can begin to trust. We are where we ought to be for the time being, which is here and now. In this life of our many lives that have been lived including those many lives to come.

Image by SiamlianNgaihte from Pixabay

Most of us are used to hunkering down into a routine and we find change unsettling and difficult. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten used to change. A lot of it was self perpetuated. I have changed jobs a lot. When I was younger I held on tightly to people, places and things. Once I discovered the beauty of embracing change my life changed. It taught me how to trust in life, the universe, gods goddesses – whatever you choose. Life makes a way. With unexpected changes in our personal lives and or our family lives we are forced to enter the unknown. The unknown or the rebirth and death suddenly becomes our friend and our adventure that we learn to trust. There is no rebirth until something dies metaphorically or naturally.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
– Joseph Campbell

The sudden death of a loved one is a prime time to enter into this cycle. You will not be the same after this type of loss or trauma. A close call with death, you will not be the same after this type of change and trauma. These examples are major life changing cycles of death and rebirth. We need to remember we have mini rebirths and mini deaths everyday. The cliches in nature teach us this lesson over and over. It’s always in the simple things… fall to winter, winter to spring, the shedding of the leaves – the blossoming of the trees. We learn this over and over again in gusts of wind and the rattling of the leaves with the rain and fragrance and the rebirth of all of the many earth dwellers, all creatures great and small.

“Birth is violent, and out of that violence is our only chance of rebirth.”
– Nick Nolte


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