I Believe in Miracles


A miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of divine. Most of us may see a miracle once or twice in our lifetimes and some may never experience it. I have been privileged to witness many during my spiritual journey.

During my development, I was truly blessed to learn the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of my spirit guides. When she revealed herself visually for the first time, I was overwhelmed with love that I have never experienced in my lifetime. Her energy of peace, calm and protection is something I wish all of us can experience. Mary has shown has helped me tremendously with my spiritual development. We talk every day about upcoming readings, current life situations and my future. She has shown me that I was chosen to “Change the World.” When this was first conveyed to me, she said, “The time is now, and you will help thousands of people.” I was in shock; it was overwhelming, and I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to make this a reality. Once I was shown my future and what I can bring to the world, I felt blessed and knew this was my life path.

Two months ago, I was hosting a Mediumship circle in my Facebook group. There was a woman who needed oxygen 24/7 and breathing was difficult for her. During the circle, Mary came through and told me, “Tell her to remove the oxygen mask.” To this day she has not required it. All of us witnessed this, and the emotions were incredible. As the days passed, I was mentoring a group for spiritual development, there was a woman who had an autoimmune disease, standing and walking was a daily struggle. Once again, Mary said, “Tell her to stand up.” Once she did, the aches and pains were gone. These are just two examples of what I have witnessed.

Mary conveyed that she is healing through me and that I have the power to change people’s lives. A miracle that I observed was personal for me and it is something that was not of this world. My son was extremely sick with pneumonia, his fever was 103.5 and his breathing was impossible even with oxygen, he suffers also suffers with asthma. In the ER, he was sleeping and struggling. I was scared that he was getting worse, and I felt helpless. I asked Mary to please help, she told me to place my hand on his head. Within minutes, he started sweating. I watched the monitor and his fever lowered to 98.5, he opened his eyes and said he felt better. His oxygen level was eighty-five when it should be ninety-five. I was grateful his fever was gone but still concerned about his lungs.

Even with oxygen, the level was not increasing, and the doctors were concerned. Mary once again told me, “Place both your hands on his chest.” Immediately, his level increased to ninety-four and he removed the oxygen and was himself. He was discharged two days later.

It was clear that I was chosen to heal in this world. Mary and Jesus, both told me that I was a certified healer. They both said, “You have our approval and do not need a certificate like in your world.” Since then, my healing power has increased, and I am witnessing miracles daily even through my readings.

Miracles are a real thing, but our ego prevents us from believing it.


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I am an intuitive Psychic Medium who is blessed that I can embrace this wonderful gift. I rely on my Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance while connecting with the other side. I link up with my Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. I am overly sensitive to the sitter’s feelings and emotions while I deliver messages from loved ones. I have worked with law enforcement for missing person cases, recently I have partnered and created an Unsolved Cold Case Facebook group with a Private Investigator. I am a part of the Edge Magazine, authoring articles about Spirituality. I have been a guest speaker numerous times on the Making Miracles Happen Series discussing my Spiritual Awakening. My spiritual awakening was life changing. I astral travelled to heaven and was greeted by my Spirit Guide, a young woman in her 20’s. She said, “It is nice to finally meet you.” We started walking in this beautiful garden full of bright yellow, green, and purple colors. They were the most vivid colors I ever saw. Jesus was calling me over and then I was sitting on his lap. I asked him, “Why am I here?” He replied, “I have to send you back.” I was thrown back into my body quicker than the speed of light. I woke up and knew this really happened.


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