New Capricorn Moon concludes 2022


The new Capricorn Moon will peak at exactly 4:16am Central time December 23rd.

If we are mixing a liquid biodynamic preparation, there is a particular way to do it. If we consider mixing solids into liquid, we need forces which actually make the water hold the energy of the preparation. We need the energy of the vortex, and we need the energy of chaos.

We circle the preparation clockwise in a bucket and create a vortex where all of the molecules are moving in the same direction. We then stop that flow abruptly and enter chaos into the mix. The preparation which was flowing in one direction now becomes scrambled as we then begin to turn it in counterclockwise direction. Around and around, it spins like a whirlpool. One direction, it pulls energies in. Another direction, it pulls energies up. And in between those two vortexes is the chaotic cauldron of creation.

After several times of spinning and turning and spinning and turning, the energy of Spirit and the energy of Earth have combined amidst the chaos. Life can be like that. We can go in one direction and chaos can occur and we can find ourselves going in another direction only to find that chaos occurs and our vortex spins in another direction. But in and through it all we are being prepared.

We are now in that moment where the vortex has been spinning in one direction, but the hand of the Universe has stopped the flow and began to turn it in another direction creating a cauldron of creative chaos. As our water now settles, we find ourselves recreated into a powerful formula capable of healing our proverbial land.

Capricorn astrological signImage by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

The last few years have been like this. Flow and chaos, flow and chaos. I believe we are now sufficiently prepared. We have been in our flow only to be agitated to another direction only to find our flow and be agitated towards more chaos management. But now, with this New Moon at the New Season of the New Year, we are ready. It is time to engage in our new life, at last. All that has held us back is now illusory. All of the fear and regret and frustration now has no place. It is here, at the beginning of time, at the germination of our seed, at the awakening of the new year, at the beginning of our story, that we have the power of deliberate choice and conscious action.

In which direction shall we advance? Were fear and sorrow and anger and poverty and illness but tools for strengthening our resolve, what would we resolve to do? Whom shall we resolve to be? Make that intention now. “New Year’s Resolutions” aren’t simple wishes. They set the tone for our soul to resonate with as we grow and evolve through this next cycle of life. Like a tuning fork we can align our moment-to-moment choices with the larger intention of the choice of our Soul’s evolution. Enough with stagnation. Enough with disempowerment. Enough with weighted emotions preventing our movement. The time is now to choose a direction. Choose wisely and all will be well.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans is a Certified Master Level Astrologer. A student of 25 years and a professional for 15, having studied with Steven Forrest, Pat Kaluza, and others, he practices an integrative approach to Astrology combining imagery, past life analysis, and healthy encouragement of choice and free-will. As an organic flower farmer of 20 years, he aligns his engagement and practice of Astrology with the observed and experienced lessons and teachings of the Natural World and her rhythms. In a reading, Ryan describes the mythology and poetry of the Solar System and the Seasons of the Earth and how they are reflected in the myth and poetry of YOU.


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