Overcoming Life’s Challenges with the Law of Polarity

The basic principle of the law of polarity is the realization that everything has an opposite. Well renowned mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton helped define the fundamental laws of science in his studies. He discovered the significance of the law of gravity when he was relaxing under a tree & an apple dropped on his head. Contributing to so many discoveries he also concluded in his 3rd Law of Motion that:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Not just opposite, but equal and opposite. So, if something is REALLY bad, if you look at the opposite side there must be something really good about it. This relates to so many variables that takes place in our lives. Love/hate, light/dark, male/female, grief/joy just to name a few. The north & south poles are good examples of being equal & opposite as one cannot exist without the other. Look back in your own life & remember a time when something terrible happened to you. If you reflect back on the situation, it actually turned out to be a phenomenal life’s lesson.

I can clearly remember that happening to me when I was a teenager. A traumatic head on collision landed me in the hospital with serious injuries that kept me in traction, immobile and bedridden for several months. I vividly remember when the doctor told my parents & I that my injuries were so severe I would have a difficult time even walking. Telling a teenager that was literally the end of the world. Crying uncontrollably in hearing the dismal news I thought my life was over. I was active in sports and loved to dance. None of this I would have been able to do. That particular day was a major crossroad for me as I had to make a choice which direction I would take, either positive towards growth, or be swept up in a negative downward spiral.

The support from my parents that day was amazing. Calmly thanking the doctor, they adamantly told him he obviously didn’t know me very well and that their daughter would walking again, and soon. What I found important is the fact that had we listened to the doctors advise and resigned to the inevitable my life would look a lot different right now. I made the positive decision that I would begin the grueling process of recuperating, even though I knew it would be difficult. Miraculously, by the end of that year I was healed enough to be back on the high school basketball team shooting hoops. This is a good analogy of the law of polarity. Because of the restrictions caused by the accident I had so much time on my hands. I did a lot of soul searching & chose to make some positive changes in my life.

Because of that accident I began to study personal development.

As a teenager educating myself in this topic was unheard of especially with the friends I hung around with. They had no interest in personal growth. Now fast forward several decades later the personal development industry is massive because people’s level of awareness is so much higher and continues to grow. In retrospect, what was perceived to be the worse thing that could have happened to me actually became the best, a godsend. More importantly, the strength of character you develop from a challenging situation will carry you forward thru many future traumas.

For anyone that is undergoing a terrible situation in their life understand that there is a positive side, an equal and oppositive outcome that you can and will experience. With that in mind choose to see the event as something you are merely passing thru. It is difficult to believe that there is much hope when you are stuck in the middle of a nightmare but rest assured ‘there is a light at the end of the tunnel” as you hear so often. Become an optimist determined to move forward in life so you can enjoy the satisfaction of positive growth.

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