Pleiadian Message for December 2022


Beloved ones we greet you,

We, the Pleiadians and the entire Universal community are holding a steady vibrational consciousness around your planet as you come to the end of one phase of Earth’s transition and enter an entirely new stage of being. Your Magnetic core is in constant expansion, its vibrational light pulse is birthing waves, like flows of light consciousness that are moving outwards infusing within all life force within your earth plane. These waves will create a building of a vibrational frequency, similar to a pressure cooker that is designed to shatter, creating explosions and shifting old outworn patterns of belief systems that no longer belong within your societies. Revelations of truth will be revealed as these shifts take place.

These expanding waves are designed to open and create a fluidity within your planets frequency while preparing your own heart cells to receive seeds of light. These waves plant imprints which are destined to grow and expand within your heart cells, reawakening your consciousness. You are being prepared to launch yourself into another arena of experience, a higher more complete connection to your elevated Self.

At this juncture revelations are being made manifest through these waves of light. Creating reflections of your higher light to illuminate through your consciousness aligning you to Truth. As the illusion expands its tentacles on Earth you are also simultaneously being realigned to your natural state of being Light. The heaviness of the illusion cannot interfere or prevent your light from shining forth.

The upcoming New Year heralds in further changes and great opportunity to flourish within yourselves. This is the time to come home to your authentic Self through your Heart. All roads arise through your multidimensional Heart. Your Heart is your sacred tool that needs to be actualized in your life now. Your Heart connection is as essential as breathing. This sacred connection holds the key to your wellbeing, your wholeness and is essential to fulfilling your destiny and mission here on Earth.

Be still within your Heart, and through the stillness you will begin to perceive a transmission of a higher creative flow that arises from your inner Heart. As you align to this subtle transmission of flow that you may see or sense, this creation light is able to bring to you a greater access of abundance within the arena of your life, opening doors of opportunity and freedom to you. You begin a new chapter, entering a new way of being in life. Understand there is a direct correlation between your Heart’s desire and the creative flow which is building daily across your earth plane. This creation flow is intertwining, interacting within the creation element that exists within your Heart. In truth they have never been separate they arise within the multidimensional aspect of oneness.

discover positive spirituality hidden in your lifeImage by Ebenezer42 from Pixabay

The God creation light is alive within you and has always been an essential aspect of your sacred makeup. As you consciously choose to reach within your Heart there is a natural quickening, an awakening within your Heart cells that takes place. You have never been separated from the God creation element. Your aliveness is part of the light, there is a vibrancy that exists within every cell of your body. Your conscious recognition of your creation light, by taking full ownership of this element, activates a self-realization of your Heart.

You, each one of you has an essential role to play in the planet’s full awakening. Your unique divine frequency of light that lies within each heart cell has an unlimited potential for the manifestation of light. The most essential component of the light is love. Love has the capacity to fully encompass compassion. Compassion must begin within yourself, honoring your full human experience and all that you have endured in your human journey. Self-compassion activates a powerful imprint of love on your earth plane and this love ultimately begins to unravel the density of illusion within your life. The self-compassion within the human heart creates a sacred flow that is far more powerful and potent than any other human expression within your life. You become enlivened through the action of self-compassion. This is love in its highest form.

Judgement from the ego mind creates the inner suffering and separation from within yourself. Suffering arises from the Ego mind’s misperception of Truth. The separation breaks down all loving aspects within yourself. This is the time for your self-resurrection through choosing to let go while holding yourself with love, compassion, and patience through your Heart. Choose to accept your imperfection, to accept that you have come here to have a human experience while awakening as a spiritual being.

The illusion on your planet is going to grow, the density will increase exponentially, expanding its tentacles, this was always going to be part of the playout at this juncture. Do not be concerned or distracted by the illusion. Rather focus on your own wellbeing through your Heart, nothing is more essential at this juncture. Your only focus as part of your mission is to choose your Heart, to become realigned to your natural state of being light. The heaviness created by the insidiousness of the drama, all illusion in your world will not interfere or prevent your light from shining forth.

Through your Heart all will being revealed to you. Action by you is required now, choosing to reach for your sacred self by actively engaging within your Heart. Open the door! Like another language, at first you do not understand, the cadence, it is totally unfamiliar. However, as you utilize your Heart more and more you begin to receive the translation of the language of your Heart. The language of light! You become familiar, you begin to remember receiving the rhythm of light, which is your signature light, that is your Heart. Your Heart is your only true reference point for stability and clarity and its sacred design is uniquely yours!

We call to you to utilize the most precious gift that you have in this lifetime, your Heart. Make the preparations for this next happening which is designed to take place at the energetic moment of 2023. Remember all sacred reconnections are experienced within your Heart.
We witness you and honor all that you are within the magnificence of your Heart.

Trust because you can, choose to let go and follow your Heart’s guidance. Move yourself beyond the veils to Home.

The Pleiadians


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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit


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