Starcodes: December 30 – January 5

Starcodes for the week of December 30 – January 5, 2023

2023 may start slow if eventful with Mercury, Mars, and Uranus all retrograde. To make the most of it, engage basic Mercury retrograde thriving skills and use these first few weeks in January to review, reconsider, repair, and handle unusual side agenda rather than push forward. Stay safe and avoid inattentive mishaps. Laugh at the slapstick, make the most of wild weather, delays and changes in schedule, and prioritize understanding one another rather than being right.

Let’s take this retrograde time as a moment between the acts- really consider the play of our life so far, take notes and clean up any mistakes we’ve made. Then ponder where we want this next act to take us. Mars turns direct January 12, Mercury on January 18, Uranus on January 22, and we’re off and running. Throughout 2023 the planets ask us to engage dynamic social change but we need to humbly explore what healthy social change means before we leap.

Saturn, our symbol of structure and responsibility, starts the year in Aquarius and enters Pisces March 7, while transformative Pluto steps into Aquarius on March 23, retrogrades back into Capricorn June 11 -February 2024, then stays there until 2043. This old chapter of Saturn in Aquarius and new chapter of Pluto in Aquarius both offer hope but do not only bring sweetness and light.

The fixed air sign Aquarius offers an image of people sitting in a circle, equals holding hands and working together, and calls for us to create new pragmatic philosophies and to enliven and nurture our circles, webs, and cohorts. Pluto last walked through Aquarius between 1778-1797 where it heralded an era of revolutions designed to abolish monarchies and create democracies. We’re now stepping into a few decades which could revolutionize how we gather, connect, educate, and govern our world..

Pluto in Aquarius calls us to make sure every voice is heard, every vote counted. But the wisdom of our collective people’s mind depends on what we know, what questions we ask. Crowds can be dumb. It is our responsibility to ask those tough questions, to educate ourselves and encourage broad-spectrum education in order to help the Demos look deeper, be wiser, and keep our minds and hearts connected.

Throughout 2023 Neptune stays in Pisces and encourages our spiritual practice, our empathy and intuition, but can continue to make truth foggy and leave people clinging to their spiritual philosophies without really questioning whether they are listening to the inherent core of those philosophies or are using them to hide from some uncomfortable truth. We all need to ask those tough questions.

Venus conjuncts Pluto this New Year’s weekend and brings us to our heart, we can feel the best and worst of emotions. Venus conjunct Pluto can help us really know what we feel, or it can help us get stuck in those sad places, focusing on what we miss more than what we prioritize. We may feel a collective or symbolic loss in the culture which could help us value one another even more. We can take all that bittersweet depth, all the remembered moments of loneliness, and use it to celebrate what we do have so we can craft a more connected, compassionate future.

After potentially quieting deep weekend, we move into a more connected social engaged week ahead when Venus enters Aquarius on Monday.

Starcodes week of December 30 through January 5

Friday, December 30: The stars tell us to hurry up and wait; the Moon in Aries rushes us while the slow Mercury retrograde asked us to move thoughtfully, consider carefully, and stay safe. Slow down and do it right the first time. People’s nervous system work at different speeds, watch for cranky streak when we move in differing rhythms. If we’re going anywhere, we could laugh at how many attempts it takes to leave the house. Good conversation over dinner can turn into crankiness late at night if were overtired as the Moon squares Mercury.

Sun quincunx Mars 4:20 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:52 PM, Moon square Mercury 11 PM.

Saturday, December 31: An early morning crankiness, sadness, or anxiety, can lift as the Moon enters Taurus around 10 AM MST. Slow it down, feed the senses, remember what creates important stability and fertility in the year ahead. Tonight is a wonderful time the state our intentions for the new year and to speak our heart in a kind in deep way. Prioritize safety and keep those and keep beloveds close as Venus conjunct Pluto.

Moon square Venus 3:58 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:43 AM, Moon enters Taurus 10:22 AM, Venus conjunct Pluto 10:24 PM.

Sunday, January 1: The turning of the year initiates change as that Taurus Moon approaches a conjunction with Uranus midafternoon. We can dream big as Mercury sextiles Neptune and share ideas for the new year, but let’s not to do very much. Notice the gift of magical thinking but apply more pragmatism when stepping out the front door or picking up the power tools.

Moon trine Sun 6:42 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 2:52 PM, Mercury sextile Neptune 11:44 PM.

Monday, January 2: If we consider the weekend a time out, a time apart, this is the first day of the new year. Morning start slow but then the day pivots towards the future. Use the day to take inventory and decide what needs to be done next. By the evening, enough with the family, it’s time to check in with friends, world events, and our work as the moon enters curious Gemini and Venus enters collective Aquarius.

Moon square Saturn 5:14 AM, Moon trine Mercury 5:30 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5:50 AM, Moon trine Pluto 3:16 PM, Venus enters Aquarius 7:09 PM, Moon enters Gemini 7:44 PM, Moon trine Venus 7:48 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:36 PM.

Tuesday, January 3: Focus on clear communication today Moon in verbal Gemini conjunct Mars. Think before speaking and speak with patience, as it is easy to jump to conclusions or let out any nervous tension in sharp words, and then have to clean up afterwards. Move with attention, and pay attention where items are places, as it will be easy to lose things. The key to Mercury retrograde is great communication so speak up, ask clarifying questions, and know when to be quiet and listen.

Moon conjunct Mars 12:47 AM.

Wednesday, January 4: Work with Venus; competence plus grace. Work around technical glitches with creativity, affection, and the sense of humor as Venus sextile Jupiter and the Moon trines pragmatic Saturn and squares confusing Neptune. Look for what is beautiful, fun, lovable and encourage it with praise and appreciation so these can proliferate.

Venus sextile Jupiter 2:07 AM, Moon trine Saturn 4:53 PM, Moon square Neptune 5:07 PM.

Thursday, January, 5: Let people nest or rest behind the protective shell if they need to, our feelings can hit a high tide as the waxing moon enters emotional. We may want to make a change, move furniture, reorganize some minor point in our life as the Sun trines restless Uranus, but let’s make it incremental and temporary for now; consider all possibilities before leaping forward.

Moon enters Cancer 7:14 AM Sun trine Uranus 9:43 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:50 AM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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