The Haunting of Naseby Cottage

A two hour train journey from the heart of London brings you to a small rural village in Northamptonshire, where life was very peaceful in this centuries old village until the occupants of this 17th century house decided to knock 2 small rooms into one large room.

Suddenly it was they said like all hell was let loose, the family dog would just stare at nothing and his teeth would chatter and his legs would shiver, things would just go missing to appear days later in strange places, and at night scraping and scratching sounds would be heard, and in the newly enlarged room they could smell old leather and pipe tobacco.

The old couple sent me several photos with a long letter and needing an explanation and asking for help. I asked if they knew any of the houses history, and to please check in the library for any information at all.

Naseby cottage haunting and clearing

During the time taken for what is known as the “Search” the old couple said they would hear large bangs and metal clashing sounds which made the windows rattle, and the lady was now on anti-depressants. It turned out the ancient cottage was built almost directly on the site of an English civil war battle, the librarian was very helpful in pointing to local historian’s for further sources of information.

The English civil war 1642-1651 was fought between the followers of King Charles 1st and Oliver Cromwell, some dreadful things happen in wars and particularly Civil wars. There is no worse conflict than a civil war with brother against brother father against son, as in any war the rabble rousers were out whipping the men up to do harm to their neighbours, and Cromwell’s financial backers insisted on utter brutality to be dished out to everyone including the Irish and Scottish people, the emotional patterns painful memories and deep negativity and suffering will stay locked in the surrounding ether, and the spilling of blood will attract a sinister lower realm type of spirit known as Haemophagists.

Every black magic ceremony involves a sacrifice, either a child or an animal, the Old testament speaks of this, when the spirits gather the magician commands them to do his bidding, many times the magician is himself gripped by the lower realm entities he has conjured and tragedy ensues with either madness or often a slow death.

Battle grounds hold the suffering and the elemental spirits who have fed on negative emotions often for centuries do not go away.

After looking at the newly discovered fireplace in the now enlarged room, i decided i had to visit the cottage, and look it over. The fireplace was the central focus of these dwellings and the word ” hearth ” meant heart of the house and often talismans or amulets would be hidden inside the chimney or buried under the hearth, the type of amulet would tell you what their thinking was, for instance a Common one was a horse shoe meaning luck and safety travelling to and from the home.

Apart from some Christian scratchings against Witchcraft there was nothing. But one corner of the room smelt damp and it was a dark spot.

The medieval demonology book Colin De Planceys Dictionair Infernal, describes very accurately the kind of very low spirit who live and thrive in dark damp corners these are the night scratchers and scrapers, they are not dangerous to humans but they do attract those that are, they are of the category of Chthonian spirits, they are the easiest to get rid of and the most common type to be trapped and used by magicians.

The word Exorcist is rarely used today, the term Deliverance is now widely in use. The established Church will not usually get involved even for regular church goers The London exorcist the Rev. Christopher Neil-Smith was an adept at exorcising spirits from people, but did not like doing buildings, to watch the speed of him working was simply amazing.

It seemed to me we had a mixed bag here mostly a minor spirit infestation thankfully but obviously with some souls of the dead not at peace and disturbed by the house being knocked about.

With the couples help, the addition of a small lamp in the damp corner we held a small service for the dead, said some prayers including the 23rd psalm, burnt some sage garlic and asofoedita grasses in the smoke, the catholic church used to burn herbs in its services as Capnomancy, or divination through holy smoke would mean the spirits could be seen in the smoke with the naked eye, but nothing was seen, and a scrub round the corners with bleach and parafin completed my work.

I was happy to see the family dog sleeping in the large room before i left for my train trip home. It is my experience that when old buildings are altered or renovated, old spirit inhabitants can be awoken from their slumbers, and can be angry at the disturbance.


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