The Two Aspects of The One


The two aspects of the One. The two aspects of the heart, The core of being. Inward/outward, timeless/time, stillness/vibration, unmanifest/manifest. Deep in the inward core of being, of heart, you will find perfect stillness, the unmanifest. Deep in the core of outward being, you find the same core, same heart, but instead perfectly vibrating, the manifest. The presence/stillness and the moment/vibration. I Am the present moment. As each beat of The One’s heart births a new universe, each beat of your heart births a new universe. For there is but one Heart in creation, and you ARE that.


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Gustave Membrez
Just a humble expression called Gus currently playing the role of a construction worker who remembered the only thing that can be said with absolute certainty is I Am. And in that absolute certainty we are all one.


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