We Aren’t Meant to Handle Things Alone with Dedee Pfeiffer (full interview)


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Movie and television actor Dedee Pfeiffer joins Kelly Wagner and Brian Mariani for a mix of laughs and serious conversation. Watch as she talks about growing up in Orange County and starting her acting career. Dedee bares all as she describes her personal highs and lows, the decision to finally confront her drinking, her long break from (and return to) acting, and the social stigma of addiction.

On a lighter note, the three switch to discussing aliens, the government’s failed attempts at covering up UFO’s, and evidence of their existence around the world.

Dedee Pfeiffer stars as Denise Brisbane in the ABC crime drama series, Big Sky, available on Hulu and YouTube. Find her on IMDB, Facebook, Instagram and more at linktr.ee/dedeepfeiffer

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