Year of Manifesting Your Moxie 2023


By definition Moxie is a character trait, a way of being. Moxie is the cleverness and charisma, the persistence and perseverance that we show up with in our lives. When we say yes to our Moxie we are saying yes to all the best our character has to offer.

For many of us the last few years have been a rollercoaster of emotions and self-discovery with all of the ups and downs, excitement and a little bit of terror. Because of the time of introspection there is a collective shift happening now. We removed the cobwebs from the corners of our imaginations (and hearts). We started to remember and embrace the authentic nature of our being. A collective return to the light within and when we make these major shifts in our lives change is always involved. Whether it’s a change of heart, change of mind, or change of habit, in order for personal evolution to occur something has to change.

manifesting your moxie on 2023

Jim Rohn says there are 3 motivators of change “When you hurt enough that you have to, learn enough that you want to, and receive enough that you are able to.” Which one are you feeling? Which one was the catalyst to start your journey?

Honestly, for me, it’s been all three over time. The love and support received by friends, family, and community during times of heartbreak and the lessons I learned through all of it have been the main drivers in my life to remind me that we are all so capable of profound change in our lives. Through everything that has been going on I start to see themes and messages come through.

This is where our bracelet club really shines. You get an exclusive to the club bracelet each month with an intention practice and loose crystal or stone. When I’m creating your Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club bracelet each month I really tap into the conversations I’ve been having with people, clients and even friends and family. If you listen you can start to tap into the collective energy. Much of what has been showing up lately is that we are finding ourselves in this space between.

The “in-between” is the space between moving on from what no longer serves you and not knowing what the next step is. You’ve taken the step to move forward, the action to serve your highest version of yourself and your life, but you’re not quite sure what the next step is going to be. This is a beautiful time to relish in the aliveness of the present moment. The perfectness of right now. When we can learn to let go of our attachments to what was and what might be we can fill our hearts with gratitude and awe for what is. Gratitude for the whole human experience, even when it’s hard. Embrace the moment of pause. This is the space where magic happens. The mind becomes clear and the next steps are illuminated.

Other themes that are coming up are surrounding perseverance, willpower, and finding your authentic voice. This is where you are now in a place to move forward from the “in-between”. The whisper that there’s something more has stirred within you. When I’m teaching yoga I always love to use the phrase “don’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s chapter 20” (Anonymous). This is true on our mat and off of it. We are all on our own beautiful journeys writing our own amazing stories. Where you are right now matters. All of these energies and journeys are what guide the way and inspire me to create everyday.

Moxie Malas December adMoxie Malas was created as a wearable affirmation of the energy within. From the very beginning it’s been so much more than jewelry – it’s a vehicle for a broader message. A reminder that everything you are looking for already exists within you. Sometimes we need a little (or big) reminder of that. At Moxie Malas we take people beyond the bracelet with workshops, retreats, trainings, and our Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club. Our values are to support personal discovery, healing, transformation, and empowerment.

This January we have one such retreat. It is our 5th Annual Expansion retreat where we collaborate with Dr. Patty Hlava of AwakenPeace to bring you a day where you will reinvent the resolution process by uncovering clarity in your vision for your Self and embodying your intentions for the year ahead. This experiential retreat is not about planning or trying to control the future. You will not set goals or write a list of resolutions to pin on the fridge.

This workshop is about one thing: { EXPANSION }

Expansion is the balancing action of contraction.
It’s part of a natural rhythm that invites flow and ease into our life.

  • What do you want to see expand in your life?
  • What do you want to grow?

Awaken clarity and embody your vision for 2023 by defining your intention for the New Year. Choose your direction by being clear about what quality you want to embody so that you can manifest your Moxie in 2023.


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Jessica Hoch
Owner and creator Jessica Hoch has been a yoga teacher for 13 years now and with a degree in Apparel Design Moxie Malas was the perfect love child of the two worlds. What originally started out as gifts for family and friends has blossomed into a collection of meaningful jewelry for the person who wants what they wear to be intentional and a reflection of their journey.


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