2023 Forecast – Know Thy Self


2023 yearly forecast

You have a powerful new vibrational energy to align with in 2023. The mystical energy of 7 is the energy known to be used by the Masters, Muses, and the Wizards. Last year in 2022 it was time for you to heal your differences and let go of conflict. Once you are no longer troubled by conflict, it’s time to explore the deeper aspects of who you. The energy of 2023 is vibrating at a very high 7-vibrational frequency and inspiring you to Know Thy Self.

The vibrational energy of 7 is encouraging you to explore the powers of your inner world. Your inner world is where you can access otherworldly ways to make your dreams and desires happen as you learn more about the art and science of using mystical manifesting energies.

This year the veils of consciousness will be much thinner as you become more aware of the innate powers you were born to use. When you start on your path to know thy self, you will awaken more of your innate spiritual powers. You will become more conscious of your many powerful hidden gifts.

Why aren’t we all using these energetic mystical powers today? Most often this information is passed off as crazy, impossible, silly, ridiculous, new age woo- woo! The adage proves to be true “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”. To make it come true for you, you must learn to trust the transcendent vibrational energies of 7 this year.

The interesting paradox of 7-energy is that not only is it mystical, but it is also a skeptical energy! To become a believer, you must see it work many times to make sure it was not a trick or just plain luck. One of the key factors is trust. As you begin to explore and harness your mysterious 7 energies, you will need to develop a strong trust in yourself and a trust in your innate abilities to manifest your desires.

To trust in your abilities and accept the deeper aspects of who you are being, develop these practices:

  • Career: Make time to create your 2023 intention for what you want to create so that you can enhance the career you have or explore the career you desire.
  • Relationships: Take a deeper dive into knowing more about yourself so that you will feel authentic and confident to engage more in existing and new relationships.
  • Health: Get to know more about yourself by exploring the vehicle you walk around in, your body. Listening to your body’s needs is a valuable skill to become your healthiest self.
  • Spiritual: Explore your beliefs about the world you live in. When you know thy self, you become attuned to the flow of the universe.

2023 will be amazing as you learn how to use and apply your spiritual energetic abilities to create and manifest the life you dream of living.

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