Life as a Paranormal Investigator

As a Paranormal Investigator, the one thing that is often said to me is that what I do must be “scary and creepy”. When I am faced with this statement, the people who say this to me will says it like it’s an exciting adventure. I feel like they think being a Paranormal Investigator is like people who ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. The spirits entertain us and we have our interactions and go home. This obviously is not the case.

No disrespect to anyone who doesn’t understand what it means to be a Paranormal investigator nor to those who only know anything about it from watching the unending list of possible shows on Travel Channel or streaming on Discovery Plus. My position is not meant to insult anyone as I believe my role in this universe is one of teaching and helping people with understanding. I am meant to help people understand why spirit communicates with us.

The Paranormal is many things. In fact, what people seem to gloss over is that the Paranormal covers more than just spirits and ghosts. By its definition of being Paranormal also covers ufology and cryptozoology and other areas of this realm. Yet, as we talk about Paranormal, we generally use that term to talk about it as spirit communication and I will continue to use this nomenclature for the sake of familiarity.

life as a paranormal investigatorImage by Artie Navarre from Pixabay

When we talk about the Paranormal strictly from a side of spirit interaction, it still is many things but what stands out for me and what I most identify with it is that the Paranormal is beautiful. The TV shows and some investigators/groups want to focus on the darker aspects of spirit communication. They focus on the specter with the chains, the unhappy spirit who oppresses the living, or the legends that are so out of date now that no one wants to correct them for fear that locations attached to these legends will lose income. I come from the point of view that paranormal investigating and metaphysical/spiritual communication go hand in hand. There should be no gap but I find myself trying to bridge the gap. So, why is the Paranormal beautiful? Here are a couple of examples:

If you could reach out to a relative who have passed, why wouldn’t you? Having the opportunity to hear their voices via some piece of paranormal equipment like the spirit box or working with a gifted Medium who brings forth your loved one is a wonderful gift. Especially if you can get someone who brings through a loved one and although they themselves never met the person, they bring through their mannerisms or perhaps a favorite phrase. Do you ever think what it would be like to have 5 more minutes with a loved one who passed away? What would you say? What would you ask?

Now that we talked about how the Paranormal could be beautiful to you personally what about sharing that beauty with someone else? Many gifted Mediums who read this magazine can attest first-hand how powerful it is to bring a loved one forward to someone. Give them the opportunity to experience their loved one again. That’s called Mediumship but it is also Paranormal.

If people think Paranormal is only using “equipment” to reach out to a spirit, then how about this? I use a spirit box. This little radio scans the AM or FM frequencies, which in theory allows you to have real time conversations with spirit. I use it along with Mediumship to help people hear the voices of loved ones again. It is powerful and moving. I will leave you with this. On Easter Sunday during a Facebook Live where I use my spirit box, I decided to try and reach Mother Mary. Reaching out to her is not a comment on one religion over another, it is simply who I chose. I asked at the start of this session, “Mother Mary, are you here?” the response was a female who said, “I am here.” The rest of the session became calm with many voices coming through the box telling all of us, “I love you.” over and over. The point is that regardless of religion or belief systems or what we are told on TV, amongst many things, the Paranormal is truly beautiful.


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