New Aquarius Moon 2023


Exact time of full moon: Jan 21, 2023 at 2:53pm CST

As we understand the rhythm of the year and the rhythm of human growth, we see that it all begins with intention. That’s Capricorn. Capricorn is intention brought to form. Capricorn is the journey of bringing that internal intention into outer action which leads to the manifestation of our intention.

When we come to Aquarius season, that intention is put to the test. Just as our survival through winter is tested with yet another month of frigid temperatures, our intentions are tested by the world, society, or other external pressures asking us to conform. Therefore, the great test of Aquarius season is our ability to maintain the integrity of our intention and to stay true to ourselves, no matter what external pressures ask us to modify ourselves. We were each given a very specific set of instructions called our birth chart. It is unique unto us alone. Even if 500 children were born at the same time in the same hospital there would be 500 different manifestations of the same chart based on each individual’s choices in response to a unique set of stimuli. There is not another one like us.

aquarius zodiac astrology for 2023Image by Darkmoon Art from Pixabay

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to play our specific music according to the dictates of our heart and soul. No one else can tell us what flows through those places. It is up to each and everyone of us to be deeply and perfectly honest with the energy, creativity, and truth that flows through our unique being. Once we are honest with what that is, we have a duty to the Universe to express that into the world.

Maybe we are an accountant who really wants to become a lawyer or perhaps we are a teacher wanting to write children’s books. The teacher and accountant get stuck in a false reality and thus live a false life if they deny their truly being a lawyer or an author. But we come up to convention telling us that we’re supposed to be a (fill in the blank).

There’s no ignoring responsibility. If you have children, you can’t ethically consider yourself childless. If there are bills to pay, you can’t simply call yourself retired without the ability to pay for your expenses. But the trick is how to innovate and revolutionize and think outside the proverbial box enough to take one’s life to their next higher level.

This is where we are now collectively. It’s time to innovate and revolutionize. We are ready. There is no time to waste. It is imperative that we live our most honest life according to the truth of who we know we are and what we incarnated on this planet to do. What is that? The answer is inside, we just have to admit it. Do that, claim that, move forward, and breakthrough to your next level of authentic self expression. Both you and the world need you to be you. Set that intention in every choice this month.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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