Pleiadian Message for January 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,

Be still and know that you have now entered a higher path on Earth where the vibrational patterns are able to descend from the Universe down onto your planet’s surface. These vibrational patterns of higher consciousness are interacting through your magnetic core, creating waves of pulsing light designed to move outwards across the earth plane interacting within your heart cells and nervous system. You have entered a next phase of your destined path on the Earth.

The entire Universal community have created and are holding an energetic aura, like a womb around Earth during this next transitional phase. As you entered 2023 a more expansive energetic system was linked from our resident Universe to your earth plane setting in motion a series of profound energetic shifts throughout the planet. A new Blueprint of Earth has been made manifest holding the sacred texts of light that will be significant as this next phase unfolds. The Earth has aligned to an energetic hierarchy within the Universal consciousness framework and has birthed a sacred link of consciousness from Earth to the entire Universal community.

These links are setting in motion an enormous potential for those of you who are willing to actively engage to the greater community which you have always been apart. This is a returning for you, a time for you to individually take your place within the sacred communions that have always existed through all time. This is the moment for you to conscious choose to set in motion, to re-engage through the avenue of your Heart space, to fully link into this higher line of communion.

As you entered 2023 your DNA strands were repositioned in readiness for you to initiate these reconnections, to launch yourself within your consciousness. Your DNA plays a pivotal role in your ability to return to ‘remembering’. There is no such thing as time and in one moment you can simply realign to your full sacred aspect of consciousness. There is nothing you have to change about your human aspect in order to activate the reconnection to your sacred component. This is destiny in motion at this juncture, this process is what you have pre agreed to achieve now.

You are naturally a multidimensional being having a human experience. Through the doorway of your Heart, you realign into a higher state of self-empowerment. Your Heart has begun a metamorphic shift in response to the repositioning of your DNA. These changes within the DNA strands have enabled you to return, to align to the power of your multidimensional heart space.

This is your time to actively engage through the powerful transmutation of your Heart. Your Heart is to play a more expansive role than ever before. As a multidimensional tool your Heart is your authentic guiding compass and is destined to bring you into a deeper knowing wisdom and Truth. The Heart’s primary role is to orientate you to navigating your alignments to the Universal community, including your family of origin that exists off planet.

Pleiadian January 2023 message

Your Heart’s energy is like a helping hand reaching out for you. Link into your Heart and allow your next step of being launched to another phase of your awakening. There is a rapid reset which was promised, prophesized and this reset has been realized as you were moved into the aligned energies of 2023.

You must be actively engaged through your Heart to receive the full reset and to claim your heritage through your heart space. Engage with the reset by utilizing your awareness within your Heart, this is the entry point for your transition. Through the repositioning of your DNA strands coupled with your conscious interaction within your heart space the energetic reset can be activated through your systems.

From this reset you carry the energetic design within to enable you to enter this higher energetic arena of the new Blueprint of Earth. Your role is to initiate an alignment to this higher Blueprint that is now part of Earth’s makeup. These alignments can be set in motion through the activation of your Hearts divine frequency and in turn you anchor further within your Heart’s knowing to your unique divine signature of light.

This is a sacred timing for all of you on the path. This reset, once activated by you, will automatically recreate an alignment between all collective Heart frequencies, forging and anchoring a higher collective consciousness light through all conscious communities on Earth. Let go and simply take the step. This process is natural, organic and it is not about you achieving perfection, rather for you to be aware of the sacred component of yourself that simultaneously exists within you, within your Heart.

Remember you are to have your human experience and to simultaneously reawaken. Each time you choose to open to that truth, and simply hold that truth and take a Conscious breath you shift beyond the cycle of limitation. This is your time to move through the veils of illusion and claim moments of being in truth, the sacred truth of yourself. The words, ‘I AM’ activate this truth through every cell in your Heart. Allow us to support you, call us forward in moments. Our role is to assist you during this transition. We part the veils of illusion, giving you moments to return to wholeness.

You have taken a journey of unlimited proportions by agreeing to come to the planet at this time of transition and play your unique individual role on Earth. Remember you said ‘yes’ to being here. Your Ego mind may not remember the pre agreements that you made for this juncture of time however your Heart holds the frequency of these pre agreements. Your Heart is your only true reference point to aligning you Home, to the higher state of Self. This time is about you learning how to utilize the tool of your Heart, to forge a higher path of consciousness for yourself. This can be achieved through aligning deeply within your unique flow of light consciousness within your Heart. The essence of your Heart’s tool can be seen sensed or felt and is ready to reveal to you a limitless form of Self.

Take the time to unveil yourself to you, be still and focus on the goal of self-realization through your Heart. The words, “I AM” link you to a reuniting of your presence. We witness you and hold the platform for those of you who have said ‘yes’ to playing a pivotal role in the self-resurrection process of Earth.

The Process:

Align to the new blueprint of Earth through your heart

NOTE: You will be utilizing what is called a Thought Code, which is a sacred frequency, and it is to be placed in your Heart by thinking it, not making a sound. Wherever you hold your awareness the Thought code automatically is placed. You are recognized by the unique frequency that you create with your Thought Code. This frequency that you create is like no other in the Universe. Your heart cells respond to this frequency you make and begin to open like a flower to the sun. You can bring your Thought Code into your Heart as many times as you feel.

  1. Bring both palms to connect to your upper chest. Feel the warmth of your hands or pressure of your hands on your chest. Take a Conscious breath and let go. Remember the Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and released out the mouth.
  2. Hold your awareness on these connection points, then bring in the words, I AM, place these words into your Heart space. Do this three times.
  3. Bring your awareness within the space that is opening further, whether you see sense or feel your Heart space, take another Conscious breath and let go…
  4. Place your Thought Code, ZHAHNNN… (pronounced Zarn) into your Heart space, feel see or sense the Heart cells opening responding to the energy of the Thought Code. Do this as many times as you feel.
  5. See sense or feel how your Heart energy is expanding outwards, move your awareness to fill the space of your Heart, this may go well beyond the physical body.
  6. Then move your awareness to where you feel your hands resting on your chest and align.

Know that you can do this process as often as you feel.

We witness you as you reclaim your heritage.

The Pleiadians


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