Starcodes: January 13-19


Starcodes for the week of January 13-19, 2023

This could be a week of dénouement and reckonings. Some lost items will find their way back, hidden plans or agreements sneak into the open, old grudges and bad plans get exposed as Mars progresses in verbal Gemini and retrograde Mercury stations to turn direct on Wednesday-just as the Sun conjunct Pluto..

But this can also be a week of quiet reckoning with ourselves, a new layer of honesty about why we did what we did, or how our habits serve us and where they don’t. Are we selling ourselves short and need to step up to the plate and expect more from our myriad talents. Or do we need to transform some demon of self-criticism in order to move forward. Don’t let the demons win.

If we’ve been procrastinating, and that’s been so easy to do over the last few weeks with Mars and Mercury retrograde, it’s time to assess whether we are honestly not into some promise we’ve made. Or we may just need to claim honestly and directly that we need some time off in this retrograde break between the end of last year- and this year’s launch on the next New Moon.

This weekend begins with an optimistic, imaginative, if not particularly motivating Sun-Neptune sextile, perfect for dreaming by a fireside. This can soften the effect of any recent cranky turbulence as Mars builds momentum; Mars turned direct last Thursday after many months retrograde. It can enrich our dreams but may not help waterlogged parts of the country. The recent astrological turbulence echo in the weather cycles and stays stirred up through the week.

Sunday and Monday could bring a more nefarious focus under an investigative, moody Scorpio Moon. We could have a hard time accepting some facet of our life and want to push and pull at it to change its shape, just when we need patience. It won’t further for us to try and manipulate others, but we can let this discontented urge inspire us to make our own changes.

Midweek grows more cheerful and curious, but we need to stay mindful as the impatient Sagittarius Moon nudges us to hurry forward and while retrograde/stationary Mercury insists we hold still, move consciously, or it will trip us up. Be prepared to spin in circles. If we lose essentials or develop a klutzy streak and trip over the dog, let’s slow down and get centered. And think before speaking, because it can be easy to irritably snap something out that will need a lot of cleanup.

Wednesday could bring a turning point, some pivot where we really remember what’s important to us as Mercury turns direct and the Sun conjunct Pluto and Mercury. This year really begins to crank up speed in the weeks ahead.

Starcodes week of January 13 through 19

Friday, January 13: Keep talking, even if the conversation doesn’t seem to go anywhere; understanding is more important than conclusions. Work to straighten out recent misunderstandings or communication glitches as a relatively friendly Libra Moon forms a grand trine with Mars and Venus in communicative air signs. Dream together, think about possibilities and work with the muse as the Sun sextiles Neptune. Tonight, we’ll want to be liked, feel appreciated, and taste beauty.

Moon opposed Jupiter 1:33 AM, Sun sextile Neptune 7:11 AM, Moon trine Mars 11:45 AM, Moon square Mercury 2:54 PM, Moon trine Venus 10:57 PM.

Saturday, January 14: We can crave a fresh perspective on this flirtatious, emotionally and artistically exploratory day as Venus squares Uranus. But because Mercury is so retrograde, let’s not read more into the moment than is. Let’s enjoy new adventures while still respecting the people that already love and support us, appreciate what works in our life, or there could be some difficult conversations tonight as Mercury semi-square Saturn.

Moon trine Saturn 5:47 PM, Venus square Uranus 6:21 PM, Moon square son 7:10 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 11:56 PM.

Sunday, January 15: The bigger picture impinges on our personal space, we see we are not separate from world events as the Moon enters deep Scorpio. It sharpens our awareness of resentment, of work undone and work waiting to be done- in our home and in our world. We can use the contemplative Scorpio Moon to get at some difficult task we’ve been avoiding and to grow our personal awareness.

Moon square Pluto 1:39 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 5:08 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:47 PM.

Monday, January 16: The planets give us two sets of instructions today. One is to take care of personal business, to go within and contemplate, honor lingering grief as the Scorpio Moon squares Venus and trines Neptune. The other is to rabble rouse and talk about difficult things as that Moon opposes Uranus and Mercury quincunx Mars. Just stay self-responsible; don’t search for blame but do speak honestly and look for solutions. The future can be different than the past, but it may be hard to see today.

Moon opposed Uranus 8:16 AM, Moon square Venus 12:09 PM, Moon trine Neptune 10:47 PM, Mercury quincunx Mars 11:41 PM.

Tuesday, January 17: Be prepared for technical glitches. Just when one wants to get all wound up and hurry, slow down and get centered instead. Take advantage of a serious focus this morning, then reach out to the world midday as the Moon enters Sagittarius and expands our vision. Stay honest, but lighten up and encourage seeds of new growth, though it still hard to perceive where or how they will sprout. People may be feeling tentative and need a positive word.

Moon square Saturn 12:27 AM, Moon sextile Sun 5:35 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:26 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 10:32 AM, Venus semi-square Jupiter 4:04 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:41 PM.

Wednesday, January 18: This could bring a turning point, but we often have to slow down at a turn. Improvements are on the horizon but right now we may be standing at a crossroads and must make some tough decisions just as the energy swirls while the Sun conjuncts Pluto while Mercury turns direct. Look for the path with the most life force and possibilities- walk, don’t run -and stay aware. We can relax as the day goes on and begin to see a little farther ahead.

Moon opposes Mars 12:38 AM, Mercury stations direct 6:11 AM, Sun conjunct Pluto 7:44 AM, Moon sextiles Venus 8:05 PM.

Thursday, January 19: We can begin to see where we’re going as the waning Moon enters competent Capricorn. Clear up back orders, organize, get the ducks in a row, and be ready to launch website updates and leap forward after this coming Saturday’s New Moon in Aquarius.

Moon square Neptune 1:17 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:08 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:11 PM, Moon square Jupiter 6:29 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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