Starcodes: January 6-12


Starcodes for the week of January 6-12, 2023

It can be hard to be back at work after the winter holidays, it’s so tempting to stay curled up and take some private time off and comfort our introverted facets. Particularly as this weekend begins under the Full Moon Cancer, call either the Wolf Moon or the Stay-Home Moon. Maybe if we don’t stay home we’ll want to howl.

Every full Moon highlights some tension in our life as the Sun and Moon oppose. This Cancer Full Moon highlights any tension between our work lives and our vulnerable need to nest and rest, between our pragmatic logic and our potentially overflowing emotions, between domestic needs and foreign constructs. We could play this out between ourselves and our beloveds or between ourselves and our work, or factions in our politics. Recognize that tension and find a way of honoring both, find a balance point in between.

We are in flux for the next few weeks. The Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn push us to start the new year with confidence and efficiency, while Mercury and Mars retrograde, and that Full Moon, slow us down and ask us to review first. We could review our work to remember where we left off, or need to reminisce over our childhood, process recent events, or review world history. Look back to glean some important wisdom before leaping forward

Capricorn work doesn’t just mean what we do for money, Capricorn speaks of the metaphorical mountains we want to climb, the heights which call us. Capricorn wants to remember our aspirational goals, think of the next step, and step forward. But we need to be flexible, ready to change our minds and adjust our situation. Just ask anyone in the House of Representatives. This Retrograde Mercury, arbiter of our thoughts, transportation, and communication, trines change-making Uranus for the second of three passes this winter, is willing to act out and wants to experiment. A fresh approach to an old problem, a new body of work, percolates through the winter and we’ll see the results come spring.

Midweek can be quite productive; we could make real progress if we keep our expectations reasonable. But towards the end of the week Mars stirs the pot as it stations to turn direct after a long retrograde, since November 1. We could feel turbulence in the force, discover hidden information or buried resentment. But soon our efforts to write, negotiate, or redefine our goals begins to straighten out.

Most of us will be generally safe (even with Mercury and Mars both retrograde, Mars out of bounds, and that Mercury – Uranus trine) but we’ll need to stay situationally aware this week to avoid strange accidents involving technical glitches, last-minute questionable judgment, or a glancing blow or stumble. Let’s slow down and play it safe on any tight curve. Think carefully before emailing or tweeting, and help keep this a safe time.

Starcodes week of January 6 through 12

Friday, January 6: Notice any tension between work and self-care, between differing perspectives and ambitions, and break through an illusion that one must win, the other must loose. Find a balance between the needs underneath as the Moon waxes full at 4:07 PM MST. Feel the feelings, notice and express the emotions without attaching to the story behind them, as that is probably only half the story. Tonight, prioritize comfort, security, and privacy.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:29 PM, Moon oppose Sun 4:07 PM, Moon oppose Mercury 6:35 PM.

Saturday, January 7: The memory of some discontented ghost can motivate us to get at household chores or psychic cleaning that’s been long needed as the Moon opposes Pluto. We may need this time to adjust to some new emotional reality. Evening grows more extroverted and expressive if potentially melodramatic as the Moon enters Leo and trines Jupiter.

Moon trine Saturn 5:29 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 5:56 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 3:22 PM, Moon enters Leo 7:40 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:59 PM.

Sunday, January 8: Connect to new friends in familiar places as Venus trines retrograde Mars. Appreciate social overtures. Notice how important it feels to see and be seen but stay on track and don’t play for the audience. It can free the soul and help us stay on track to validate ourselves rather than look at how others perceive the situation. If it’s hard to sleep tonight, rather than let it perseverate over old problems, give the mind the good challenge. Take notes as some bolts of inspiration could solve the problem as Mercury trine Uranus.

Moon opposed Venus 9:52 AM, Moon sextile Mars 12:19 PM, Mercury trine Uranus 4:23 PM.

Monday, January 9: Our emotional perceptions are intense but can be off target. It’s hard to tell if people are really attracted to us, or if it’s our wishful thinking as Venus trine’s Mars but semi-squares Neptune. It’s easy to get lost in other people’s emotional tension today, so stay grounded, stay open, but question any sudden conclusions. Play with color, arrangement, and aesthetics, but keep those emotional or aesthetic decisions experimental rather than permanent. Play with art supplies rather than house paint. Work the social network and affinity groups; deal with people not practicalities.

Moon square Uranus 2:02 AM, Venus semi-square Neptune 5:03 AM, Venus trine Mars 8:21 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 6:52 PM.

Tuesday, January 10: Details, details details; don’t let the details distract from some ongoing projects, let them help manifest the bigger picture as the Moon enters Virgo. Reel in a critical, irritated response, make sure to express irritation where it belongs and not just where it’s easiest to express. Underneath that itchy edge lies wells of potential compassion and empathy, tap into that instead.

Moon enters Virgo 8:15 AM.

Wednesday, January 11: Some old memory, thought, habit, or contact could tap dance on an old pain, but offer a chance to make reparations or heal that old wound as Mercury squares Chiron and the Moon, Mercury, and Uranus form a grand trine. Rather than just perseverate on an old pain, take that opportunity and change the path forward.

Moon square Mars 12:36 AM, Mercury square Chiron 1:48 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:57 AM, Moon trine Uranus 2:17 PM.

Thursday, January 12: Practical work can ground us, and we’ll need that grounding as Mars turns direct and creates turbulence in the force. Be patient, stay safe, and feel some stuck energy begin to loosen. If tempted to argue today, to tell them what the real problem is, think through the consequences and stay honest.

Moon trine Sun 4:07 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 6:21 AM, Venus sextile Chiron 11:46 AM, Mars stations direct 1:56 PM, Moon trine Pluto 4:06 PM, Moon enters Libra 7:56 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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