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A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Hello from Michigan, Bodwéwadmi and Peoria lands.

We’ve gone from sun to ice, snow to light sweater weather, and back to light flurries, in less than a week. Climate change is happening everywhere. My cousin is worried for some of the trees, as buds came out this past weekend! Months early! And now it’s snowing…

It’s interesting to reflect on different CotW’s with what happened in my correlating week. It’s one of many ways to add depth of understanding to the cards. I invite you to do similarly.

Sometimes the cards are incredibly literal. Sometimes they are very ephemeral.

Our experiences and observations add layers to the intrinsic meanings of the cards for depth, truth, and healing. They also further our relationships with our decks – some of my court cards are specific people in my life, for example.

Today, I’m writing this intro, waiting to hear which deck would like to share Card of the Week. Cade Burkhammer’s Wise Fool has been very active lately – being the choice of many querents, unbeknownst to each other. But Lua Tarot is also quietly pulsating…

This past Sunday, a reading finished with a comparison – how the Queen of Pentacles is similar and different depending on which deck she’s chosen from. We looked at six different Queens – that feels like a good way to proceed today.

I personally would rather travel from grayscale to color, so let’s see what Lua Tarot wants to share first.

What will help us best flow this week?

The Empress.


the empress tarot card of the week

Keep, really??? condescending thoughts to ourselves. Goddess bless, the look on her face!

Remember that sharing resources includes art, ideas, time, breath, sun, nature, personal experience and so much more. Count all your blessings, and all your diverse riches. They are much more potent than the narrow definitions from much of society and the status quo.

But those of us here, are rarely interested in that, yes?

“And who shall wear the starry crown? Dear lord show me the way…”

She wears the starry crown, ergo you wear the starry crown, and consequently know the way, whether you trust it or not.

Of course this divine femme energy resides in all bodies, all sex/gender combinations, is empathetic, an excellent listener, aware of harmony and dissonance. Listening to help.

Lua Tarot’s Empress is very earthy, while Wise Fool’s is equally of land and water and skies. Aware of, embodying, sharing resources from Land, Sea, and Skies/Space. She is also very connected to the High Priestess – Her preceding card in the Major Arcana – and intentionally connected here with the crescent Moon behind her divine head.

Both the crescent moon and starry crown speak to her/your connection to the Divine. To intuition, to hearing/seeing/feeling needs and finding the ways to meet those needs within yourself, within your friends and family, within the Ancestors, within all the different land spirits, plants, animals, minerals, water, and air.

This is also the most fertile card in the deck, frequently depicted as a pregnant person.

Now, maybe you may carry a baby, maybe your animals and plants, hearth and home, arts and crafts, are what you care for and nurture. What you bring forth into the world to share, foster, and help become its own potent, unique, being.

On a practical note for some bodies, as this is the most fertile card in the deck, if you want to start a family of blood, it’s a great time. And if you don’t want to start a family of blood, it’s still a good time, so act accordingly!

Circling back to our question, to close, how can we flow best this week? Be aware of your resources and shared resources. Use them well & sustainably, share in healthy ways, listen to your intuition, listen to the air, land and water, play music that moves your soul.

What do these Empresses say to you?

About the Creators – Maree Bento and Cade Burkhammer
Purchase these Decks – Lua Tarot is out of print. Always check your local brick & mortar, or artist direct first. Wise Fool Tarot here.
Recommended Reading – Today’s tie in reflects the deaths I am navigating in my families of blood and choice. Did you know human composting for our beloved dead is a choice now?

All the b.e.s.t.
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*b.e.s.t. = beautiful. equitable. sustainable. timely.

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