Light Language: Harmonics of the Universe


Have you ever contemplated the idea of a language that connects everyone and everything throughout the cosmos? Is it possible there is a language that speaks to our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies? And then, does that language speak to us not only as individuals but also to us as the collective whole? Well, there is such a language, and it’s called Light Language.

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a form of communication through our higher self, which allows us to experience our multi-dimensionality using our extra sensory perceptions. Light Language is an evolution in communication that brings us into harmony with the entire cosmos—harmonics of the universe. Even though Light Language has been around since the beginning of time, our human world is only now beginning to open to it; and thus, Light Language is found on the edge of scientific learning waiting to be fully researched.

In Yvonne Perry’s book Light Language Emerging it states: “Light Language is sacred geometry in vibration form. We can feel the sweet vibration washing over our body and soul. Since it is creative energy, light language can be used to manifest or speak into form what is held as a thought or intention.” Jamye Price continues in her book Opening To Light Language, “Light Language belongs to the subtle realms, where the quantum nature of information is less structured and more malleable by perception (observation) and intent. Light Language bridges the unknown of the defining intellect with the known of the unifying heart.”

Light Language is a unique form of channeling in non-linear and multi-layered form with coded frequencies of crystalline energy or fields of light. These coded frequencies hold high vibrations, which allow transfer of a large amount of information in a small amount of time. A one-minute transmission of downloaded Light Language can include years of information, which is then integrated according to Divine timing when appropriate.

What Forms Of Light Language Are There?

Light Language may be spoken or danced, written or drawn, signed or patterned, chanted or sung. Its expressive form is based on the individual who is connecting with it. Mandalas, labyrinths, hieroglyphs, and sacred geometry are some examples of Light Language. Light Language is universal and cosmic. At the soul level, everyone and everything understands it. Humans are multi-dimensional beings; Light Language is a multi-dimensional language.

All forms of Light Language are equal. No form is better than any other. No matter what the Light Language form, all aspects of Light Language are gentle and holistic in nature. Their source is always love. Light Language connects us to all that exists in the human and cosmic worlds and is the language of our combined hearts and souls.

How Many Light Languages Are There?

Humanity has paid so much attention to the mental field that our ability to further our evolution has been hindered, but that is changing. Given the wide range of Universal Harmonics that exist in the seen and unseen worlds, there are many different Light Languages emerging and being created today. More and more people are becoming aware and connecting with them.

In each of us, there is a Light Language that resonates with our individual soul. When we choose to tap into our individual soul language, we are able to feel the oneness from where we came, access the inner wisdom that resides beyond our mind, and play in these fields of light – harmonics of the universe.

Some people are attuned to a variety of Light Languages and have been guided to bring transformative frequencies to individuals and the collective. Light Language transmissions connect an individual or a group of individuals to the quantum field. In the quantum field specific resonant frequencies provide a remembering of creation, unity, and purpose. The more we become aware of these multi-sensory remembering abilities, the more we will be able to bring unity to the universe and evolve as a species.

What Does Light Language Look Like?

Template 1

There are many forms of Light Language. Included in this article is one form called conscious art. The drawings shown in Templates 1, 2, and 3 hold vibration energy and are examples from the Light Language modality Templates of Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. These conscious art drawings were transmissions channeled during a client session with the intention to move humanity from our separate individual reality to our unity with Divine Love.

Light Language meets the individual where they are in their evolution and coordinates with the universe to bring harmony in the cosmos. Each person responding to these drawings will have a different experience. Template 1 represents bringing awareness to the concept of our individuality.

Template 2

Template 2 allows the individual to move the shadow side to the forefront, unblock any timelines, and shift the individual perspective to something greater than themselves.

Template 3 is an experience of the whole of creation. Working with these Templates, we are able to acknowledge, feel, and know our wholeness as unique individuals. We acquire the wisdom and responsibility to understand how our decisions affect the whole. Thus, as we continue using these Templates a new perception guides us in our future decision-making to think from both an individual and whole world perspective.

Template 3

With the conscious art type of Light Language, a person can use the Templates beyond their original transmission. They can be hung on a wall to fill the energy of the room, held on your lap during meditation, carried in your pocket, or set beside your nightstand to interact with during your dreamtime. The options are limited only by your imagination. Continued interaction with the drawings allows the vibration in the Templates to encompass one’s surrounding energies and shift the energies inside and out. For those Light Language forms with sound transmission, the recordings can be listened to multiple times. There are unlimited possibilities of how to engage with Light Language.

In today’s world, false realities separate us from the whole. They create loneliness, fear, and the shadow self. The intention used in this article from the Templates of Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ demonstrates how Light Language can move us away from these false realities. When we see outside ourselves, go beyond the visible world, and have gratitude for our uniqueness, we are able to understand how every person fits into the whole of the universe. Each of us is an important piece of the puzzle. Our individual uniqueness is one creative expression of the whole. Light Language helps us explore how our uniqueness and how our creative expression are an expansive piece of the whole. This allows us to have gratitude for our uniqueness and know that we are connected to and have a role to play in a larger vision of the world.

What Happens During a Light Language Transmission?

If you are working with a Light Language Practitioner, the Practitioner will tune into your higher self and use Light Language to bring through the harmonic sounds of the Universe to move you toward whatever you determine to be your intention for the session. The frequencies transmitted through Light Language create a sound bath of light for your energy field. Through frequency fields of light, the Light Language vibration or sound takes you out of your mind and brings you to a higher awareness of yourself. You are able to open and allow the process of engagement with the Light Language to interact with you and move you into the Harmonics of the Universe.

Crystalline codes in geometric patterns and waveforms are transmitted directly to the essence of your being, which connects you to the oneness of your original form. You remember your awareness of Unity Consciousness and your Divinity. This taps into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. The higher the Dimension, the more access you have to information. The more information you access during the transmission, the more evolved you are able to become.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp at the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany discovered in the 1970s that cells produce light particles called biophotons and that cells communicate with each other through light. Light Language is a vibration form of light, so imagine the Light Language experience not just for you, but also for your cells. At the deepest level of the cell, we are connecting to and being bathed in Light Language.

How May I Apply Light Language?

Light Language is a powerful tool for transformation at our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels. It is a healing modality that can clear emotional blocks and trauma. Light Language can align you on your path to finding and sharing your gifts with the world. It can help you connect with others and ground you. Beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you can shift.

The ultimate goal of Light Language is to communicate energy from the fields of light to raise our individual and collective vibration and consciousness. We want to achieve at that moment in time the highest vibration level possible while moving toward Love/Unity consciousness. By connecting with your personal soul language, you gain a direct inner communication line with your soul, resulting in a personal transformational tool that will align you to your higher consciousness. This connection goes beyond our third dimensional language. It bypasses your mind, uses the sensory aspect of your being, and allows your inner wisdom to guide you. By opening your extra sensory gifts through continued use of Light Language, a direct line of knowing brings clarity and highest potential outcomes to your life on a daily basis.

Consider these and more possibilities and potential benefits from using Light Language.

  • Connect to your higher self and the Oneness of Source.
  • Activate your DNA and restore your Divine Blueprint.
  • Remember your spiritual gifts.
  • Expand and experience your multidimensional self.
  • Align and attune your light body.
  • Sustain your consciousness in the Love/Unity frequencies.
  • Clear unconscious blocks and limiting emotional patterns.
  • Connect to your pure creation potential.
  • Bring clarity and calmness to your being.
  • Shift to a new awareness of self.

What Are The Results Of Using Light Language?

The interaction that Light Language has on our energy field is an individual experience. It meets each person where they are in their evolution by connecting with their higher self. This allows individual alignment with the harmonics of the universe. Light Language resonates with the person’s consciousness and elevates it to a space and time where the individual is able to perceive life from a higher perspective. The individual begins a new way of seeing a situation. This may be a relationship, belief, or pattern. By creating this new alignment, the individual chooses their path knowing how the outcome will affect not only his or her individual transformation but also the transformation of the collective. This inner knowing of Love/Unity versus our polarized state of separation shifts consciousness both for the individual and for the collective.

As we continue to open ourselves to the art of Light Language, our understanding of its magnificence will shift and evolve both the cosmos and us. Harmonics of the Universe is our guiding force. May your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies experience growth as you choose to engage with Light Language.


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Leslee Wegleitner
Leslee Wegleitner is a Fields of Light Master – creator of the unique transformational modality Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™. Leslee tunes into Universal energy to find new alignments in her clients’ awakened energy fields. Through this connection, Leslee creates her Templates of Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™ in sound and conscious art form. These Templates resonate on a soul level with each client’s original blueprint and sends information directly to the higher self. The result is Divinely timed transformation for both client and the collective. Leslee’s work encompasses an array of possibilities from healing and happiness to abundance and love.


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