New Pisces Moon 2023


Exact time of full moon: Feb 20, 2023 at 1:05am CST

While I have been for 25 years, not many of us are farmers. There are, however, many of us who are gardeners. Even if you are not a gardener, you can imagine the picture of those of us horticulturally inclined, pouring over seed catalogs. We see pictures of the different varieties of cucumbers or sunflowers, snapdragons, or basil, and we imagine what we want the garden to look like.
The ground may still be frozen, and we may see some chlorophyll in some patches of lawn, but now is not the time to plant a tomato outside. If we are excited and have the space, we can start some seeds already! Snapdragons and delphiniums, onions and peppers and more can all be started early now. That’s so exciting!

In our imagination, there dances visions of large bouquets of flowers and bushels of tomatoes. We can see ourselves happily canning salsa in the kitchen with the passing laughter of children running by with the birds happily singing out in the garden. But the ground is still frozen. The armfuls of sunflowers exist only in our imagination.

Image by Darkmoon Art from Pixabay

But that imagination is motivating. We plant garden and go through a whole season in seconds. In our imagination, we didn’t have to sweat or get sunburned or accidentally cut our finger while harvesting. All we needed to do was imagine planting the seeds and then miraculously harvesting our crop.
Life can be like that sometimes. We can live in our imagination only to be ‘brought back to reality’ by the cold, hard ground. We can feel caught in the nebulous world between seasons, having to let go of the past that still has its hold on us, at the same time, not being able to hold on to any future because it has not yet come into form.

So here we sit. And wait. And dream. Like the seedling, just below the soil surface, we do not yet know what life is like in that big world. Nor can we hold on to the safety and protection of the soil. The best we can do is use our imagination as prayer to blend with and cocreate with the Universe to bring our best of all possible gardens into manifestation. At this time of the New Pisces Moon, we can use our imagination and memory to fill a glass globe in our left hand with everything we have experienced that we do not wish to take with us in the future. In our right hand, we can use our imagination to fill another glass globe with all our intention for our future best of all possible worlds.

We can take the past in our left hand and roll that behind us, until it disappears out of our awareness, holding onto the wisdom extracted from that experience. The globe in our right hand can be offered up to the Universe like a helium balloon, floating up, up, further, and further away until it disappears out of sight. Letting go of both past and future we can bring our hands together in prayer at this sacred moment. Not attached to the past, nor the future, this present moment is where we can find peace.

Set an intention this month of letting go of both past and future and come into dwelling as much as possible in the present moment. Here, there is acceptance, gratitude, surrender, and an understanding of the impermanence of all things. Do your best to find as much meditative, reflective, and imaginative time this month. Heal and replenish yourselves in the silence of nature, meditation, music, and love with our close ones. Take time to breathe and restore your emotional waters to find a place of balance here between the worlds. We are co-creators of this Universe, and we have everything to be grateful for. Use your imagination well.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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