A Metaphysical student from Tennesee sent me her hand prints and wants to know.

A: Will I ever meet my soulmate?

B: Whom will he be?

C: When will it happen?

“For behold I have engraven thee on the palms of my hands”
– Isiaah 49-16

Our soulmate is always there if we know where and how to look. A woman will always choose a man who is closest to her own unconscious vision of masculinity, and a woman should always receive a man’s soul projections. An inherited collective of every man exists in every woman’s unconscious, to which they apprehend the nature of the opposite sex, if a woman is in touch with this she will instantly recognize her man, this is the origin of love at first sight.

“whoever loved that loved not at first sight”
– Shakespeare, As You Like It, act 3 scene 5

This inherited image, which may be from past lives is a vitally important source for the feminity/masculinity or Yin Yang of the soul. Everything is projected, the Father for women is the first carrier of the soul image,

you achieve what you need to in life, and any unfulfilled promise will come round again in another life.

The soul is sexless and when psychologist Carl Jung spoke of the Anima /Animus, the opposite of each sex that lies deep within us, he inferred as Michael Newton says in his classic book Destiny of Souls that before we come to this life we have certain contracts with those we will have relationships with, i mean real relationships, not in promiscuity or perversion as these damage the soul, but proper real mutual relationships.

A man will worship his god through the temple of his woman’s body.

If we look at the handprint.

soulmates palm print1) The marriage lines, these are not actually marriage lines they are relationship lines but for many centuries have been called marriage lines, the one nearest the heart line ends in a fork, as the line splits so does the relationship, and her first early relationship which was built just on physical attraction was a disaster, a self obsessed and heartless man it ended quickly.

“a young mans love comes only from his eyes”
– Shakespeare again, Romeo and Juliet, act 2 scene 3

Young women are just as guilty for loving a mans appearance, this I would liken to loving the glossy wrappings to a gift more than the gift itself. Hindu scripture tells us that “there is a special place in hell reserved for the man who spurns a woman’s love”. In India a split end to a downward line is seen as a very poor omen, Mars is the god of war and a line such as this being pulled toward the Mars mounts infers many quarrels.

This split end on the Indo/pak subcontinent has been called a “scissors marking” as it cuts the relationship like scissors and dates from scholars in the 5th century.

Shakespeare again, “The flame of love contains within itself, the very wick or snuff that will eventually abate it”

The second line however just above is clear straight and firm, this is an auspicious marking for a good partnership, and it is long inferring a long happy relationship.

2) The Destiny line has a line which joins it at approximately 25-27 years old, this adjoining line comes from Luna, this means the love will come from over the sea, ( moon rules all waters seas and oceans) this line has a large square the most protective marking in palmistry giving very good vibes to the relationship.

The Chinese word for square is Fang, and is seen as a constructive and positive symbol. Remember as the 2 lines join together they progress up the hand to the Apollo finger, the place where a marital ring rests, and this is a very positive omen.

3) The Destiny line as it meets the heart line it has a large square, the bigger the square the more the protection, in the East a Destiny line ending in a square is called “the sign of the flag” as that is just what it looks like, a flag on a flag pole. In India this unhindered upward sweep of the Destiny line is called the Oordhwa Rekha and is valued as a very positive palmar signal.

4) The Jupiter finger is shorter than the Apollo finger, showing low self esteem and poor self image, these folk always take things personally and need a lot of emotional bolstering, but the triple ending to the heart line is an excellent marking and in Tibet is called “The Sign of the Temple”. It gives the 3 qualities of common sense, total love and care of others and real passion.

5) The Mercury finger is set low but is long, Mercury the messenger of the gods rules communication right across the board, from verbal to sexual, as sex is only physical communication. From her Father, the first man in a woman’s life no matter how young she is, she learns how a man loves. Now a woman’s love changes during the month and even during the year, but a mans love is constant, its firm and it comes with boundaries.

But if this relationship is dysfunctional or non supportive, say in an absent father either emotionally or physically, the woman will have no internal mechanism to judge if the man who wants the relation ship is good or bad. She will make mistakes, as our friend did in her first marriage.

The low set Mercury symbolizes a parent fixation, so we know from this low setting and the fact the tip does not reach the upper crease of Apollo, that her Father was not part of her early life.

“No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education”
– Plato

The Muslim Scholar Kahlil Gibran on Marriage

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

So who will her soulmate be when he comes?

The Kartikeyan palmistry system possibly the oldest, says that the ending of the heartline tells us where our heart ends, and her heart ends with a man born at the end of the year. He will have to be fully functioning within the relationship and complimentary. He will come from over seas. He may well be the missing father figure, so will be older and give her the maturity she needs for support.

Palmar signals suggest he will work in teaching or caring, and will enter her life at approximately age 25. “Every heart sings a song, but it is only audible when another heart sings along with it”. Soon another heart will be singing alongside hers, let’s hope she can be patient until it happens.

More info on this and other topics are in my book 50 Case Histories of Modern Palmistry


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