Starcodes: February 17-23


Starcodes for the week of February 17-23, 2023

The Sun enters Pisces this weekend, the last astrological sign, symbolized by fishes, waters, wetlands, and permeable boundaries of all types. Venus enters Sparky, spring-forward Aries. This week’s mood is sensitive, vulnerable, potentially charming and reactive, with a thread of competence underneath.

With the Sun in subtle Pisces, our superpowers can be found in our sensitivities and imagination, but those sensitivities can set off a fierce reaction when they feel stung. Recent aspects (last week’s Mercury-Pluto conjunction and Sun-Saturn conjunction) sharpened tongues and suspicions, this intensity helped us focus on a good day and but could have exposed our vulnerability and made it easy to feel defensive, reclusive, or to wrestle with a bout of self-pity. This week let’s both take the time to dream up our spring agendas and take the coaching from our sensitivities. Step out of conflict and the fantasies of Carnival. Step into compassion, a beautiful Piscean gift beyond the garden of right and wrong.

Along with drifting in our late-winter dreams we’ll also need to wrestle with some ground-roots responsibilities as serious Saturn semi-squares healing Chiron this week. We are challenged to tend our structures and foundations, the health of our teeth, bones, our security and boundaries. If we’ve been doing our homework and have an outline, our work may finally take shape.

This Chiron aspect also nudges us to look at any ambiguous message we broadcast around our work. Come up with more direct and honest signal, phrase our request to the universe honestly and clearly so we can wholeheartedly request work within these healthy limitations. If that requires us to rethink our whole approach to work, this next month is a good time to do so.

The weekend begins both hopeful as Mercury sextiles uplifting Jupiter and poignant as the productive Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto. As Venus approaches a sextile with Pluto on Sunday, recent losses, or divisions can stand in the foreground of our heart. Let’s pay attention to our dreams this weekend and direct our daydreams towards the future, towards what we can create in the year ahead. Because Venus enters Aries on Monday, the Moon enters Aries on Tuesday and adds fuel to our fire, and action to our plans. May they be good ones.

The Aries Moon midweek can bring rebellion or but maybe we can rebel from the winter and not necessarily from one another. Restlessness can feel like anxiety midweek as Mercury squares Uranus and trine Mars, but most likely it is quivers of anticipation where we can feel the coming changes. If we felt stuck, that square and the fresh Aries energy can help us break out of some box or loop find new paths.

Starcodes week of February 17 through 23

Friday, February 17: Follow through on responsibilities; tortoise steadiness, one foot in front of the old other can overcome obstacles as the Sun pulls away from Saturn under this industrious Capricorn Moon. Clarify some confusion midafternoon as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, set short-term goals and stay organized. Tonight, check in with one another, we may need to catch up with the emotions of the last few weeks; get people talking, take solace in camaraderie as the Moon conjuncts Pluto then enters Aquarius.

Moon sextile Neptune 1:15 PM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 1:47 PM, Moon sextile Venus 6:06 PM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 7:13 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 9:17 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 10:34 PM.

Saturday, February 18: We can feel all mushy and puddle-like. Our hearts soften as the Sun enters Pisces; half of us may want to stay tucked under the covers and the other half can feel too deeply aware of our responsibility to others with the Moon in Aquarius. Keep expectations low, balance sensitive private time, kindness to one another, and complex interpersonal responsibilities. Listen to the dream world. A late- night restless surge can engage great conversation but make us prickly as the Moon squares Uranus and trines Mars; rest and dream before reacting.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:50 PM, Sun enters Pisces 3:34 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 3:35 PM, Moon square Uranus 10:41 PM, Moon trine Mars 11 PM.

Sunday, February 19: Our hearts can feel a healing tenderness this morning as Venus sextiles Pluto. We may find our beloveds more precious in the face of recent loss and earthquakes or need to sort through some bittersweet memories. Just let them percolate, let them work in the background as practical matters are wrestled while the waning Moon conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. In response to feeling like a puddle, it furthers to get life more under control, rather than try to control one another. It may be a good day to disappear into an event, music, a great book; dive into that imagination-filled Piscean embrace.

Venus sextile Pluto 10:04 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 7 PM, Moon enters Pisces 9:55 PM.

Monday, February 20: This morning’s Pisces new Moon starts a new cycle of dreams and perception. Since Venus enters Aries and semi-squares Uranus, our response to fresh sensitivity can be to either hide or guard that sensitivity, or put that spring Aries bravery into action behind our dreams. If people get difficult, notice where they’re feeling endangered. Direct restless anxiousness into dreams of solutions.

Moon conjunct the Sun 12:05 AM, Venus enters Aries 12:55 AM, Venus semi-squares Uranus 6:41 AM, Mercury sextile Chiron 9:59 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 10:19 PM, Moon square Mars 11:43 PM.

Tuesday, February 21: Change floats in the wind as Mercury squares Uranus, possibly also technical difficulties, sudden answers, shocking information; be prepared for wildcards. The mood is paradoxically soft and edgy, impatient and self-protective, romantic and defensive. People can become sharp and edgy if they are afraid of their own feelings. As that Pisces Moon conjunct dreamy, vulnerability-inducing Neptune, while that Aries Venus pushes us bravely into the future. Be kind.

Moon conjunct Neptune 12:51 PM, Mercury square Uranus 3:22 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:05 PM, Moon enters Aries 10:13 PM.

Wednesday, February 22: Cracks open up towards new vistas and alliances, help us let go of unimportant worries. People chafe quickly if we impose restrictions or requests, so let their creative muse do the nagging. Make clarifying decisions as Mercury trines Mars midday, notice strong emotions and expanding possibilities later on as the Aries Moon conjuncts bountiful Jupiter.

Moon conjunct Venus 2:25 AM, Mercury trines Mars 1:13 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:48 PM.

Thursday, February 23: Tend those Saturn issues: work, bones, teeth, or challenges to personal authority. Set boundaries versus feel hemmed in. We can feel the strength in our bones. Don’t order others around, everyone’s running their own story. Disciplined work towards dreams builds support around us. Get buy-in from people before mobilizing the team.

Moon sextile Mars 2:44 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:02 AM, Saturn semi-squares Chiron 9:30 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:05 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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