Starcodes: February 24 – March 2


Starcodes for the week of February 24 – March 2, 2023

It’s going to be an emotional week with pragmatic undertones. We can use the practical issues to help keep us stable and solid while the emotional winds swirl like a late winter storm.

Tend to the practical issues, make decisions, deal with paperwork and contracts and take advantage of an unusually logical and philosophical intelligence this week. Engage an ambient ability to stand back and look at problems and opportunities from a hawk’s eye view as mental Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn in theoretical Aquarius. Take advantage of this now because this potential clarity shifts into a creative dreaminess towards the end of the week as Mercury enters Pisces.

With Mercury now in philosophical air sign Aquarius, we are more open-minded, curious, but stubborn; Aquarius is a fixed sign. People can either have great engaged discussions or get stuck in their philosophies, take an apparently arbitrary stand, and get easily animated on their hot button issues with emotional Venus now in feisty Aries feeding that fire.

While our minds process and our hearts are so alive, our physical energy could run low. We may need to disconnect and stare into space when we need extra downtime. So let’s not push ourselves too much this week, instead support the lungs, enjoy breathing and feeling inspired, and slowly let the energy buildup.

The weekend begins under in earthy Taurus Moon that helps us keep moving in the slow and steady lane even as Venus in Aries hurries us ahead. Do what needs to be done but stop and appreciate for a minute the snow drifts or early signs of thaw.

Over the weekend our signals can get a bit mixed, our timing can be a little off, everything is just a bit disjointed and off-tempo; most people won’t really intend to screw up so dance with it rather than take offence.

Sunday through Tuesday a verbal, nervy Gemini Moon revs us up, our minds spark but our attention can scatter unless we keep a clear goal in mind. Odd comments may need to be taken back later. Our minds are working well and emotions can be cranked up but their just may not be much conversation between them.

Towards the end of the week, watch a desire to impose restrictions -which will probably not work -and find a more collaborative way to control the situation. Plans are made, contract negotiated, and politics could be rife with zingers as Mercury conjuncts organizational Saturn in Aquarius while Venus conjuncts Jupiter in feisty Aries. Our hearts catch fire easily but that could be lovely. Keep it safe, as this can bring out both the wonderfully fierce competence in women and the cultural Anima, and potentially a backlash to that fierceness under a self-protective Cancer Moon. Let’s help keep the boat steady.

Mercury enters Pisces at the end of the week and can distract us into dreamtime, make us less effective in our work but can soften us and help reconnect head and heart.

Starcodes week of Feb 24 through March 2

Friday, February 24: Enjoy the movement forward. Keep a steady pace, don’t try to take shortcuts; let restlessness encourage forward momentum instead of distraction. If someone shares their great ideas, decide carefully whether to get caught up in their vision or stay on track. Momentum slows in late afternoon; complete rather than start, and continue that steady pace. Enjoy comfort food and connect tonight, go over the weekend plans because they may have shifted.

Moon square Pluto 12:21 AM, Moon enters Taurus 1:29 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:01 PM.

Saturday, February 25: Consider change of plans or minds this morning; stay flexible and spontaneous as the Moon conjuncts gear-shifting Uranus. Use common sense, but don’t be too practical. Venus in Aries encourages us to grow more adventurous. Check in with one another around dinner time, the Moon squares Mercury and our rhythms can move out of sync and need extra co-ordination.

Moon conjunct Uranus 5:24 AM, Moon square Mercury 5:15 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:15 PM.

Sunday, February 26: There’s a buzz in the air; listen to the gossip, but choose carefully what part to repeat as not all of that is true. Tell great stories, acknowledge them as an emotional truth- but check the facts under a verbal Gemini Moon and as Mercury challenges Venus. Enjoy the debate, short quick projects, a flirtatious moment, just take everything said with a grain of salt.

Mercury semi-square Venus 4:12 AM, Moon square Saturn 6:45 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:42 AM, Moon enters Gemini 8:47 AM.

Monday, February 27: Potentially difficult dreams or some strange anxiety overnight can turn into a productive day as the Gemini Moon forms open-minded and creative sextiles to Venus and Jupiter this morning, then conjuncts decisive Mars tonight. Juggle demands, adapt quickly, and if someone tosses the ball, catch it and run.

Moon square Sun 1:05 AM, Moon sextile Venus 1:24 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:07 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 9:20 PM.

Tuesday, February 28: Take advantage of a competent morning as the Moon trines Mercury and Saturn. Get the conversation going midday and help a project take shape by dinnertime. Pitch proposals, look at offers but read the fine print. Tonight, watch a tendency to say too much; especially around business, ask questions and think it through rather than give away too much information at this point. People feel the need to be heard and nurtured even if they don’t feel like returning the favor as the Moon enters Cancer and Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. Take turns.

Moon square Neptune 8:45 AM, Moon square Mercury 12:27 PM, Moon square Saturn 6:07 PM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 7:39 PM, Moon enters Cancer 7:40 PM.

Wednesday, March 1: Emotions can swing wildly and swamp the boat as the Moon in watery Cancer trines the Sun. Emotional Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter in Aries and loans us bravery but cranks up the fire. Our hearts can feel passionate but can react to that passion with fierce independence; love and individuation are not opposites but take creativity to balance. Some will step forward with new levels of honest imagination, but be prepared to duck if a scenario becomes unusually emotionally-charged. Find a practical, earthy, trail between extremes. Express love abundantly and without expectations.

Moon trine Sun 6:10 PM, Moon square Venus 7:49 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:04 PM, Venus conjunct Jupiter 10:35 PM. For

Thursday, March 2: Complete some logical reasonable decisions, tie up paperwork, finish that article this morning while thoughtful Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn in Aquarius. Make healthy political statements, contact senators and newspapers with important opinions. Plant seeds of thought for the future, then sit back and turn inwards as Mercury enters dreamy Pisces this afternoon. Notice a newly subjective, intuitive approach seeping in. Some event or headline can underline our vulnerability; don’t play the victim game, but do notice people in the world who truly have been victimized and need support.

Mercury semi-square Chiron 12:29 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:02 AM, Mercury conjunct Saturn 7:34 AM, Mercury enters Pisces 3:51 PM, Moon trine Neptune 9:23 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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