Starcodes: February 3-9


Starcodes for the week of February 3-9, 2023

It’s a multilayered week, the stars infuse sensitivity and the need to talk, depression laced with humor, and an underlying driven quality. On one layer we get a planetary a green light as expansive Jupiter in active Aries hurries us into the future. Underneath that layer, though, a seeping melancholy could add potential depth and purpose. This blue note can either motivate us or depress us, and leave us wondering if we are enough, can do enough, or will there ever be enough as Mercury approaches a conjunction with Pluto at the end of the week.

That Mercury Pluto conjunction can bring up obsession or depression, it can point out where the real problems are in the world and ask us to do something about it. Over the next few weeks we could become newly aware of an ending or beginning, or awaken to the bottom line of an ongoing process, as Mercury conjuncts Pluto while the sun conjuncts Saturn. These two serious yearly aspects just happen to fall close together this year and call for reassessment.

Let’s observe our mental habits and find something positive to obsess upon, throw ourselves into a project rather than be hard on ourselves. We could start off wondering – if we are enough, and what we have is enough, how do we work with that and build from there. We are the ones on this scene, so what can we do. If depression whispers, small accomplishments can help while we listen for the deeper causes, our angst could be more rooted in world events than in what’s happening in our life at the moment.

In a big cultural context, these intense aspects can fuel a potentially productive conversation on how we use power – Pluto – and how authority takes responsibility – Saturn. Engage the ongoing debate around gun control, police reorganization, and classified documents, with the intention that authority, power, and responsibility need to coordinate in the future.

Mars now in Gemini, moving forward but still out of bounds, encourages us to think outside the box, change the subject, and keep moving – rather than stop to process feelings. But Venus now in sensitive Pisces appreciates a soft moment, subtle healing skills, aromatherapy, a touch of vulnerability. She can leave us sensitized or unusually shy, but can allow grace and beauty, a moment’s kindness to help with the tough stuff. With this Piscean sensitivity comes an extra protectiveness; hurt feelings, guilt or resentment can cause a host of problems. Practice self-care and keep talking.

The weekend begins with a Sun-Uranus square which can both bring out our brilliant nerdiness and nudge us to make changes. A full Moon in Leo brings us out of our shell for the weekend, we want life to feel more exciting, but the weekend could also bring some awkward or uncomfortable moments as Venus squares Mars and throws off our interpersonal timing and rhythm. We can easily step on each other’s emotional toes, so be both sociable and patient.

Monday afternoon, and all of early next week can bring an aching heart or poignant old memory as the Venus semi-squares Pluto, while a Virgo Moon insists we get on with the work anyway and go deal with those nuts and bolts. It will be grounding therapy. Make those subtle adjustments and work with each other in this nervy time. Thursday we come back to practical relationships and good diplomacy as the Moon enters friendlier Libra.

Starcodes week of February 3 through 9

Friday, February 3: The mood is paradoxically sensitive and logical, impatient and emotional as the Sun squares Uranus under sensitive Cancer Moon. An existential restlessness wants us to poke things and create constant thoughtful improvement while the Moon oppose Pluto can leave us anything will ever be enough, or worried about some event coming up in our lives. Engage care, kindness, and comfort tonight.

Moon opposed Mercury 5:09 AM, Moon trine Neptune 1:02 PM, Sun square Uranus 7:50 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 11:18 PM.

Saturday, February 4: The waxing Leo Moon trines Jupiter and infuses an outgoing, bravura-filled energy. It’s important that we appreciate the differences between people; rather than be irritated by them, appreciate their spark and unique contributions as Venus and Mars square. With this square, fighting can feel like flirting, but it isn’t. Venus in Pisces will get its feelings hurt. Also, we can notice some real gender differences in opinions and approaches -either between people, or between our Mars and Venus within. Instead of disagreement, explore the versatility and stability of diverse approaches.

Moon enters Leo 1:48 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 3:33 PM, Venus square Mars 8:28 PM.

Sunday, February 5: Every full Moon highlights a dichotomy and asked us to find a third perspective. The full Moon in Leo at 11:28 AM points out tension between the part of us that wants to live dramatically, to shine and center ourselves- Leo Moon- opposite the Aquarius Sun’s call to community, and asks us how can we shine for the benefit of all sentient beings. If emotions crank up or dramatics flare, listen for the quieter truth underneath.

Moon sextile Mars 12:35 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:08 AM, Moon opposed the sun 11:28 AM.

Monday, February 6: Morning may need extra coffee. It can be hard to get back to work as the Leo Moon opposes Saturn this morning. Inspiration returns midday, but we may need to assess where to take a stand and where to be flexible as the Moon enters specific Virgo. Nail down the details of the dream; just watch for it for that edgy critical side, which is probably more about our responsibilities nagging us rather than people doing things wrong in front of us. Be kind tonight as Venus semi-squares Pluto as melancholy seeps in.

Moon opposed Saturn 7:15 AM, Mercury sex tile Neptune 11:26 AM, Moon enters Virgo 2:14 PM, Venus semi-squares Pluto 11:21 PM.

Tuesday, February 7: It’s a great day for editing and de-bugging, but if we try that at home our relationships will fray as the Virgo moon squares Mars. Sharp edges can abrade, missed connections create interpersonal grit. Let’s not read it into the situation but do notice where our edges still need to be rounded off. Look for the small praises, helpful things; offer support rather than advice, complements rather than criticism, unless that is specifically the job at hand.

Moon square Mars 2:05 PM, Moon opposed Venus 8:01 PM, Moon trine Uranus 8:16 PM, Venus sex tile Uranus 10:28 PM.

Wednesday, February 8: Let’s not get swamped in the details as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune creates a fuzzy thinking cloud midday, nor focus on frustrating news. Instead, use details to manifest a healthier future and complete the work at hand. Make this a healing obsession. Look for a potential breakthrough in understanding or communication tonight.

Moon opposed Neptune 1:40 PM, Moon trine Mercury 7:29 PM, Moon trine Pluto 11:40 PM.

Thursday, February 9: Camaraderie, compassion, and conversation further as the Moon enters friendly Libra and trines Mars. Slow down and consider carefully any sudden impulses. Being of service to others, being friendly, helping them survive their day and their troubles, will help us stay in the present moment. Each one has a part of the puzzle, so keep talking.

Moon enters Libra 1:46 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 5:02 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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