The Year of the Rabbit: Higher Consciousness Hops Forward


The Chinese Solar New Year is celebrated on February 4th (the Lunar New Year is January 22nd), and with it is the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. After having roared through the current Year of the Tiger, this should be a welcome relief. Experts on the upcoming Rabbit year predict a much quieter time.

The Chinese system cycles through 12 animals year-by-year, each animal bringing with it an aspect of its innate nature. It goes without saying that each year we experience both the good and challenging aspects of their respective tendencies – the protective Dog, the mischievous Monkey, the tender Pig, etc. This year, we have the sweet Rabbit.

year of the rabbit higher consciousness hops forward

If you think about rabbits, it doesn’t take much to imagine what kind of energy the Rabbit will bring. The Rabbit is sensitive, introspective, peaceful, and intuitive. Despite the fact they will chew down the best of plants and flowers, there is no argument that they are attractive and compelling.

Along with the annual animal, there is always a pairing with one of the 5 Chinese Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). This year the Rabbit is teamed up with Water, in its yin or recessive form. Yin Water is like a stream or a quiet brook – no crashing waves. So, again a peaceful, reflective element.

After the last few years of turmoil, the possibility of a tranquil span of time is welcome. Although there are no promises that there still won’t be disagreements, environmental issues, financial turmoil, or war (although some experts have predicted that the war in Ukraine will come to an end), an overall blanket of hope and enrichment will be infused into our lives. One could say the universe will be taking on a higher consciousness, supporting and encouraging us to do so as well.

So, the upcoming Year of the Rabbit is setting us up to explore and embrace higher consciousness. This process is often achieved through meditation and self-inquiry. If you’ve thought about a meditation practice, there will be a lot of support for you to begin doing so. Or if you’ve pondered the idea of getting to the root of an issue, again, there is lots of support for this in the Year of the Rabbit.

year of the rabbit higher consciousness leaps forwardLet your space also support you in making these shifts. Be thoughtful in creating a meditation area that draws you in, where you feel safe, where it’s private, and where you can examine your fears and worries. Make an effort to find the right corner or room or chair that signals to you that this is where you can be open to higher wisdom. The energy to do so will be coming in universally this year – take advantage of it.

Being thoughtful, peace-filled, and introspective aligns us with the energy of the Yin Water-Rabbit. Reflecting on this intention will help us hippity-hop forward in our lives and help others to do likewise.

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