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A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of Group Tarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Those who follow me on my personal social media FB and IG know it’s been a rough few days for me.

In many ways, you, dear reader, are about to benefit from my processing and example.


Well, Group Tarot’s mailing list receives Card of the Week delivered to their mailbox every Sunday, along with early access for classes and workshops, special surprises, and random gifts.

Card of the Week for The Edge community is sometimes the same card, sometimes different, depending on the energy. Each are always intentional for each group, and like in a Group Tarot reading, we look at where the paths align.

This week was already structured a bit differently for my mailing list, and given the outpouring of support I’ve received on the socials – thank you. Truly, thank you – not surprisingly, it ties into the cards.

Today, Card of the Week will be the bridge card in The Bridge Spread with my classic, Universal Waite Smith deck. I learned this practice from V. The Tarot BFF at the inaugural StaarCon. It’s definitely what I need, and it’s a fantastic tool for self reflection and shifting energy, which I trust will benefit you as well.

This is a three card spread.

The first card, represents the energy of where you’re at right now. Choose this card intentionally. For me it was the 5 of Cups.

Next, intentionally choose a card representing the energy you want to be embodying or manifesting. If you don’t know the meanings of the cards, that’s OK, trust the imagery and go with that. This also is a helpful exercise if you’re not really sure how you want to feel, you just know that it’s not where you’re at right now. Look at the cards and feel what comes up. This may be done in stages. Meaning, after going through the deck you might find you have a pile of cards, especially if you’re not quite sure where you would rather be.

Take your time, and decide on one card – you can always do this again with a different card!

Next, shuffle your deck asking the question, what will help me get from here to there? What is my bridge?

Blindly choose your card in the way right for you.

My bridge and our Card of the Week is
9 of Rods.

To shift from loss, grief, disappointment and sorrow, to feeling light, curious, strong, lyrical, clear, free, we have to take the time to heal. To rest. Lie down and sleep, rather than just staying propped up, feeling the weight of exhaustion and expectations – your own and others – yet not quite laying your/our/my burdens down.

We/you/I have to take the time to pause. Recharge. Reassess.

Feel the feelings and let them go.

Let the grief flow in its own ways. Let the numbness be, maybe simply coming back to the breath and body. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale, inhale. Exhale.

Accept the support, nourishment, and sanctuary we are offered. Here’s where you, dear reader, benefit from a few days gestation.

You’ll notice in the 5 of Cups, two cups are upright. They symbolize the energies that have your/my/our back no matter what. The people/places/animals/angels/spirits that are there to nourish, to witness, who are comfortable allowing you/us/me to just be where ever, however, you/we are.

They may be there no matter what, but you have to ask for their help. You have to turn around, pick up the cup with gratitude and drink in their healing elixir.

Which is what I did even though I was deeply enervated and nervous.

I am so deeply glad I did, as my community’s words astonished, humbled and nourished me… words are paltry for the gratitude I feel.

The sprigs of greenery at the top of each of the 9 wands are also really popping. Assess what feeds you energetically, tangibly, and what doesn’t. Then stop giving your energy to endeavors that don’t nourish you and your vision of the world.

Nines all have walls around them, and there is no judgement on those walls. You know when you’re isolating to heal vs. isolating out of denial. The walls are just as likely to be a healing sanctuary as a fortress.

Every wall also has a door.

You may invite in, people and energies that you find healing – as I did with my post.

You may ask people and energies to leave that you find draining.

You may leave and come back.

There are also three different landscapes in the cards chosen; from river banks to a higher hilly plateau, over the bridge of crossing mountains smoothly. Notice our central bandaged figure is standing on a smooth slat of gray. A road? Sidewalk? And the mountains are in a distant background.

To cross the bridge, our central figure must turn around and walk either between the two cups of support or around them. They must move away from the losses.

Taking leisurely walks – encouraging as many breaks as energy levels require – is part of the healing bridge energy getting to the Page of Swords.

There are also three very different body shapes, in these cards. Another practice – which is part of my Moving Through The Majors and Moving Through the Minors class series – is to literally take the shape of one card, then the next, then the next. (Yes, The Edge discount code “TheEdge” works for the class series as well as individual and group readings.)

Like an asana practice, breathe into each shape, noticing how it effects you holistically, and stay in the shape of your desired outcome card as long as feels right.

May lightness and clarity be yours.

About the Creator – Mary K. Greer has done fantastic research on Pamela Coleman Smith over the years. Have fun diving down a rabbit hole, here
To Purchase – Check in with your local brick & mortar first. After that feel free to check out My Bookshop
Recommended Reading – Pamela’s commissioner and co-creator, Arthur Waite wrote The Pictoral Key to the Tarot. I have yet to read it cover to cover, although it’s on my shelves.

All the b.e.s.t.

*b.e.s.t. = beautiful. equitable. sustainable. timely.

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